Sunday, July 18, 2010

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The title of my blog today pretty much sums my day up. I woke up pretty late, so I missed breakfast, on purpose, I really wanted to rest and plus after a week of pasta, potato, and bread you can get full. Now I am both seeing and realizing what Session One Brownies were talking about. Seriously, I am kind of getting tired of the food, but then again I have been eating the same thing everyday for the past seven or so days. It isn't that the food quality diminished it is more like my appetite is the one that is diminishing. I will start eating a more healthy diet instead of all those carbohydrates.

Continuing onto a more pleasant subject, I went to the library today more specifically the Rockefeller Library. It was huge with tons and maybe in reality tons of books. It was amazing and awing to walk through those aisles and see that all around me where books and more books. It was really quiet inside which gave it a much more studious feeling like all library's I have been to. The reason for my trip was not only to check it out, but in order to find some sources for my woman monologue project. The woman that I chose to do this project on is Dolores Huerta, who worked side by side with Cesar Chavez. She is not that well known, even though her contributions to the cause made an immense impact in the lives of agricultural workers today and that of future generations as well. Even though the library was pretty big the online catalog really helped me find the books I needed. The librarians, one of which I asked for help, was really nice and approachable person. She generously directed me towards the location of the book I sought. I spent quiet a long time there. I had initially arrived with Bianchi, but later joined up with Irene, Guadalupe, and Lucero. It took me some time to find the material I sought and some extra time to look over the books. While I was helping Guadalupe look for a book on Hispanics because she was looking for information on Sonia Sotomayor, which there was barely any to be exact Guadalupe only found one book. It is kind of weird because after all she is on the Supreme Court. Moving along at the library I took the time to call my teacher, Teresa Boardman, in order to schedule some time for me to interview her for a class project. She gladly agreed and we scheduled it for tonight. Then we, Lucero, Guadalupe, Irene, and I, headed for dinner at the V-Dub.

At the V-Dub we met up with Lydia, Vanessa, Diana, and Bianchi. Our dinner conversation was quiet entertaining and fun. However, then someone noticed that it was 6:45 PM and we had a meeting with our RA at 7:00 PM. We, Vanessa, Diana, Lucero, and I, bolted out the dining hall towards our dorm. We seriously hurried and fortunately got to our respective floors on time, which was 6:57 PM. That was really close timing. My meeting started late though because we had a three people come late and we needed everyone present.

Once at the meeting we all discussed our week, through the game Roses and Thorns. As can be assumed roses symbolize the pluses of the week and thorns the negatives. After, everyone got their turn we answered six questions which also pertained to our week. We answered the questions anonymously and then we read someone else's paper without knowing whose it was. Our RA, Priya listened carefully and asked questions and comments concerning the responses. She emphasized, due to the fact that some people reported feeling little support during free time, the need for us to be inclusive. From what people wrote and talked about they really are looking forward to having fun, like I am too. I am also thinking about my Action Plan which is due this week! After, the meeting Priya handed me an envelope and inside was an invitation for an event for the students that like I are here because of some program. The Ivy League Connection was actually listed as one of the programs, which is so cool. The event is to take place this Tuesday, so now I have plans for Tuesday too. I said "too" because on Wednesday we are to meet with Mercedes.

After, the meeting Lydia, Vanessa, Diana, Biachi, and I, went outside on the front lawn to study and hang out for a bit before curfew came. We ended up a bit worried because Vanessa got a bit sick, but luckily she got checked and everything was apparently well.

I then returned to my room to call my teacher back in Richmond, California for the interview. Before we actually got to it we talked a bit and it was terrific. It was great to hear her and it was a great experience to interview her. The interview concerned her perspective on women and leadership and I loved her answers.
Well for now I am of to sleep!!

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