Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Final Night

What a bittersweet feeling. The ILC experience has come to an end. I have been exposed to Economics for the first time, lived the dorm life, tasted the cafeteria food, and spoken with actual Brown students. 

Three productive weeks have passed by and tomorrow, Brown Session 1 will return back to the West coast. The past 25 days has been well spent. ILC has put all six of us on the right path in terms of being successful young adults. For the past several months, they have taught us the importance of being punctual and being confident in who we are. 

Regardless of where you come from and what you came from, you can still make it to a school of choice. It may not be your first, second, or even third choice but having that underground knowledge of different colleges, being able to weigh them out, and knowing that you are making the best decision for yourself is invaluable.

Andrew and I got to speak to Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Kronenberg about our experience on our way to visiting Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts this morning. We discussed the intensity of  our course, and how Economics can be very rewarding when done right. Mr. Ramsey also explained to us how studying pre-law is not what most people perceive it to be. In pre-law, one studies politics mostly but students can generally study any major and become a lawyer in gradute school. 

Mrs. Kronenberg also mentioned how students in the Sacramento area, students intern in a politician's office in hopes of earning a paid job in the near future. 

Speaking, touring, dining and spending time with both Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Kronenberg was quite eventful. 

We enjoyed our last dinner at Mills Tavern right down the road from Brown. It was a fancy dinner and everyone dressed up for a fabulous meal. The 16 of us chatted about our experience, what to expect, what not to expect and such over a low-light dinner. Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and a 14oz. sirloin steak with a Roy Roger drink was what I had this lovely evening. Dessert followed after that. We were able to dine in a private room which allowed an even closer connection.

Tomorrow, we will have brunch with Brown alumni and Selene will represent the ILC and speak on behalf of both Brown Sessions 1 and 2. We will be spending our final moments speaking and representing ourselves with alumni over brunch. We will board the plane shortly after, send our goodbyes to Providence and Brown, and before we know it... we are back on the West Coast. We will take away an experience we never thought we could get our hands on. The ILC has treated us right for the past months and in return, we will show them a changed individual -- one that has a much wider understanding of colleges and one that has motivation to look deeper into colleges. The last 25 days are indescribable. For now, I can tell you it is bittersweet to leave Rhode Island, my own suite, and most of all the memories. The memories of my 2010 summer will last a lifetime.

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  1. Stephanie,

    Isn't it amazing how much can change in just 25 days? Whether for the better or for the worse, each of you is a different person than we saw boarding that airport shuttle at Pinole High. You've each grown more mature, a little wiser and certainly better informed.

    Now we'll just have to sit back and watch to see what you do with your newfound education and training.