Monday, July 19, 2010

Action Plan, Monologue, Pizza, What Else Could There Be?

So much goes on in one day at Brown. For example, today I decided to sleep in for a bit so that I could rest a bit more. When the time came and I knew if I slept even a little bit more I would be late I woke up. Plus, I had to go to the library to go print out a summary of an interview I had conducted.

I walked all the way to and fro the Rockefeller Library where there are printers. Each black and white copy costs ten cents, not a bad price. The hard part of printing was figuring out how to do it. The librarian, one of the lady's on the front desk, and another nice woman who was printing where of great help. In the end, I was able to print and so I headed for class.

In class, we had discussions concerning our first interview and the assigned reading. Previous to the discussion Kisa, the professor, passed back our journals, which she had looked over and commented.

After our discussions we headed to the the CIT, Center Information Technology, so that we could use the computer for whatever we needed. Some people decided to work on their monologue, others their action plan. At the same time, that we were at the CIT we had to meet with Kisa in regards to our Action Plan.

We spent a great deal of time in the CIT, which was really awesome. They had both PC's and Mac's so that people could use them. When lunch came around we realized it had begun to rain, so we had to cancel our plans to go to the V-Dub and instead we had to go to the Sharpe Refectory. We all got a bit wet, some of us were not wearing the correct shoes or clothes and some of us did not even have an umbrella on us.

Once I went to see Kisa, she really questioned what I am planning to do, which really helped me identify the aspects that I still need to work on.

Class ended so I headed back to the dorms and started a bit of my reading assignment while it came time for our evening activity, which was to go watch "Iron Jawed Angels." The movie was only going to be shown to the Women and Leadership students because the other students in the leadership academy were going to watch their own movie depending on their class. For example, my friend Vanessa, was going to watch "Food Inc." because of her class called Food Fights. I also went to dinner and it was a blast. I even met a girl named Rebecca, or becca as she prefers. She told us all about herself and we introduced ourselves. She apparently will only be here for a week and today was her first day in class.

After dinner we only waited for a bit as 6:20 PM came and it was time to meet in front of Harkness in order to go watch the movie. I really liked the movie and it showed clearly the struggle of women to get the right to vote. In addition it showed the cruelty of peoples' response to this idea, especially that of men. I really disliked how the women were treated in prison and how the police completely abused of their power. They were incorrectly charged because they were not distracting traffic they were expressing their point of view. However, in the end it was great to hear that their efforts and sacrifices were worth it and women could vote.

When, the movie finished we went back to the dorm and as I was beginning to think about doing my reading, Irene came by and asked if I needed to do laundry. I really needed to and even though I was waiting for Vanessa to come back, so I could get my laptop from her room and do my blog, I left. I decided to ask Diana if she could please do me the favor of getting my laptop for me and then I would come and pick it up.

The only dilemma we faced for doing laundry was that the card reading machine was out of order, so we had to use quarters. In the end, we were able to get enough quarters. As we washed I read and had a conversation with Alexa, Irene's little sister.

For now I have to go to sleep so until next time!!


  1. Appears the women were acting on their 1st amendment rights?

  2. Yes definitely, they were neither physically hurting those around them nor forcing anyone to hear their message. It was the men around them that reacted violently and the police who supported them by removing the women from the premises. The police completely violated their constitutional right to express themselves freely, but also charged them incorrectly by implying they were intentionally disrupting traffic. The good thing is that now such actions on behalf of the police are not simply passed by and not brought to the attention of the public, but more people now a day’s fight for their rights. Thank you for commenting!