Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day of Class

Today was our first day of class and it went by so quickly. 

We started out the day, by we I mean Lydia and I, by going to eat breakfast at Verney-Woolley. The food was delicious and once we were finished we walked over to the Watson Institute International Studies for our class on Women and Leadership. 

Our professor Ms. Takesue, Kisa, was extremely nice she was great and really open. Her form of addressing us made us feel much more comfortable. She started the class with an ice breaker which really allowed all of us to meet each other and learn a bit more about each other. Later on in the class, we played other ice breakers, one called Zip Zap Zop which was so terrific. In addition, we got to participate in class discussions/activities. We actually got homework which is to read a couple of pages and write a reflection in a journal that she provided us with. We are scheduled to also complete other assignments.

For lunch we went to the Verney-Woolley again but this time in addition to Lydia, Lucero, Irene, and Guadalupe tagged along. We ate a pretty good lunch -- I even got to eat delicious ice cream. Even though we have in different tastes in food the dining hall apparently has all of our preferences and so we eat good meals. 

After having eaten we headed back to class for the afternoon part of the class. As we were walking back we stopped at a store and the things were so lovely, I expect to go back a check it out more.

After lunch, the class continued and we had fun once more. It was after class that we decided it would be good to wash our clothes, which we did.

Ms. Stewart came to check on us and to see how our first day in class had gone. She was elated to hear that things had gone well and that we had had no problems or complications. Before leaving like the great chaperone she is she told us to take care and if we needed anything to contact her immediately. I absolutely love her, even though I only met her recently, to me she is not just a chaperone but a friend. I like her attitude and her honesty. Sincerely, being this is her first year making this trip she has done a great job keeping us under watch and caring for us. At first, our relationship had been a bit tense as any new relationship is. Now, however, we can tell her things and she pays attention and tries to help us in whatever way she can.

Then, after seeing Ms. Stewart we went to dinner and then we returned to our dorms. At the dorms we took care of our freshly cleaned clothes and prepared to go on an activity planned for the entire Leadership Program. It was fantastic!!! After dinner we went on the activity first with everyone and then with only the girls in our class. We learned more clear about our different characteristics as leaders.

After this we went to our dorms to rest.

Until Next Time

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  1. Selene,

    You're killing me here! You write about many things but just enough to tease us.

    You tell us that Ms. Takesue had a way of addressing you that made you feel special but you don't tell us how she did that. You write about Zip Zap Zop and leave it dangling--what is this game and how do we play it? You tell us about some reading you have to do but nothing about what the reading is all about. You tell us about some great activities you participated in but you don't tell us what they are.

    And watch out for that ice cream machine. Even after just two weeks with access to that machine and you may not be able to fit into your clothes you brought. Take this from someone who knows of which he speaks.

    Don't tease us, Selene, tell us more--tell us everything.

    And about how much you appreciate the job that Ms. Stewart is doing, make sure you tell her to her face. I'm betting she'll appreciate it.