Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Fun Adventure from the Start

I wasn't really able to get some sleep last night. So I ended up getting up at 4:30 in the morning. I was beyond thrilled that the day to come to the East Coast had finally arrived! I made sure that I arrived early at El Cerrito High School where Don was already waiting for all of us to get there.

Once we finished getting all the necessary things that Don provided us with, we got our luggage in the shuttle and drove off to the airport. On the shuttle, we ended up having a conversation about the semi-finals of soccer after we finished talking about how excited we all were to go the East Coast.

On the plane, I sat next to Irene (who was on my left) and Mariana (who was on my right). I had a fun conversation with Mariana about her trip to Peru. We ended up realizing that we both share the same fear of spiders. It was a great bonding experience. I also got the opportunity to get to know Irene better. She ended up showing me the basics on how to play chess. It was really fun. In front of us were Selene, Guadalupe, and Lydia. We also got to talk with each other once in a while.

Once we got out of the airport, I immediately felt the humidity. I was actually surprised because I thought the weather was going to be worse. I thought it was going to be so hot that I would regret wearing black jeans, but it wasn't. I have to admit I really like the weather so far. However, its not that hot yet so I don't know if I'll still feel the same way later on.

I noticed that everyone was really nice. There were even some people who helped us get our luggage on the bus and on the subway. I really like the friendly environment here. Boston seems like a great city. The subway reminds me a lot about the BART back home.

After we got settled in the hotel, we all went out to look for a place to eat. We were all very hungry and ended up eating pizza and ice cream. It was really fun walking around and seeing Boston. It seemed that every where I looked I saw a clothes store. It was fun to window shop while I looked at all the buildings. Some buildings look similar to those in San francisco, while others had more of a back in the day design. I really liked that some of the windows had some nice designs as borders. I thought they looked really nice.

Furthermore, after we finished eating we went to Borders and looked at some books. I didn't buy anything, but some of the other girls did. I had fun looking at all the books. After the girls finished getting their books, we all came walking back to the hotel. The buildings looked so beautiful at night. I really enjoyed the walk and the nice weather. I felt relaxed.

Overall, I had a tiring yet exciting and fun day. I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow.

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  1. Lucero,

    It gave me great pleasure to see you roll up to the departure point way ahead of schedule. You will be remembered and used in the future as a good example of how to conduct yourself.

    It was very nice to read of your trip east. We've experienced so many problems this year with weather and mechanical delays that's always good to read about a trip that goes smoothly.

    I hope that all of your teammates that bought books keep in mind that in a couple of weeks they need to transport those books home and after buying a few souvenirs their luggage is going to approach the 50 pound limit.