Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow I am Jane Addams

Tomorrow I am to present a woman who I found amazing through monologue as her. I choose Jane Addams because as I sat trying to remember women who were amazing Jane Addams accomplishments that I learned in the beginning of 8th grade came flowing through my mind. She is an amazing woman. Her goal to improve the life of immigrants through charity and education were fulfilled through the Hull House and the many social reforms she helped with in the Progressive Era. I find that she did so much good and was the first domino in a line of great and needed social reform to fall amazing. I am trying to say things the way the accomplish writer, Jane Addams, would.

It rained a bit today but over all the weather was nice. I like that there is a great diversity of characteristics.

I facilitated a discussion in class today; it was fun. However, I think next time I should try to ask more engaging open-ended questions to try to have those who are more shy to participate. I just need to find out what they think is captivating.

Here are some pictures from pervious activities.

I look forward to the experience of doing the monologue but not actually doing it.


  1. Hi Lydia,

    When I googled "Jane Addams"+"monologue", your blog came up. My name is Peter and I am the Training Coordinator for the Sonoma County Child Protective Services agency, not too far from Contra Costa County. I would like to put together something interesting for our staff of CPS workers on the life and influence of Jane Addams for social workers. Your monologue sounds cool and fun. Would you consider coming to our office in Santa Rosa sometime in the future and presenting your monologue? Are you at Brown now, or home in CCC? Can we talk about this idea? We might be able to pay a small fee. Peter

    Peter Barrett
    Training Coordinator
    Sonoma County Human Services Department
    3600 Westwind Blvd.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403

  2. Mr.Barrett,
    Thank you. I am currently at Brown and I would be glad to present my monologue. Did you read the “About us” on the blog?
    Lydia Breksa