Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day Mostly Off

Today, even though I had no class I did have homework to take care of. There was so much going on today. There was the trip to Newport beach, going to the mall again, WaterFire, etc. It was Saturday after all. It was fun to just have a day off and socialize.

In my case and that of my friends we stayed at the dorms and went out for a bit every now and then. Mostly, we went to the V-Dub for luch and dinner only. I sort of missed breakfast because I had a meeting with my class TA My (her name is pronounced "me"). I had planned to eat breakfast, but instead I took care of some other things. 

At my meeting with My I had the chance to explain my Action Plan to her. My responded with comments and suggestions of things to research and reference. It was great to hear feedback, at my meeting both Guadalupe and Irene were present. That is why after we all got the chance to talk about our Action Plan's we left for the V-Dub to eat and returned promptly to the dorms afterward.

Late in the evening we got the chance to go to the WaterFire celebration downtown. It was a very beautiful event. There were so many people! There were even people on little boats going down the river. There were little stands in the back selling food and a small stage where a band was performing and another were the music that could be heard from all around the river emanated.
This event seemed to bring the entire community of Providence together. It seemed to be a celebration, a celebration of what I questioned? With a bit of research it came down to be a celebration of unity, peace, reflection, and most importantly of the community. The night was brightened by the fires and the air was infused with the scent of burning wood. It was lovely to just sit around the bank of the river and observe. The creator of this celebration is Barnaby Evans. All along the rivers, which are the Providence, Woonasquatucket, and Moshassuck river, there are waterborne braziers lined up, which throughout the night are tended by volunteers.

After spending some time downtown and returning to Brown, we decided to go check out the party that was scheduled today for all the Summer@Brown students. It was supposed to be for some wedding, but I'm not sure if it was just a joke or if it was really for a wedding. Our curfew, for today was 12:30 AM so we had a bit of time left. We got to the party and met up with a few other people from class and the dorm. The music was pretty good, we danced a bit and before we knew it, it was 12:00 AM and the party ended. We went back to the dorms, and well rested.

More to come of this fabulous weekend!

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  1. Selene,

    The RiverFire Providence shows are always exciting. As much as the show itself, the gathering of the people for a good time is inspiring. It shows what people can do without resorting to getting drunk, pitting one group against another and ending up with ambulances and CNN News crews.

    You may have even seen their web site?

    That’s nice they threw a dance for you so you could add to your Friday night revelries. Hope you had some fun there.