Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Mondays. The beginning of a week. Often, the day that most students wish didn’t exist.

My Monday was pretty good. During class, I couldn’t stop talking while we were sharing our interviews. I was so proud and happy to be sharing my mom’s (and my own) views on feminism that I completely forgot that I was supposed to be stepping back, and I talked. A lot.

It was also really eye-opening and inspiring to learn about everybody else’s mothers (as the majority of the class did interview their respective mothers) and see that they share many of the same views.

It differed from country to country, but there was a lot of common ground, I thought.

Later in the day, for an evening activity, we watched the film Iron Jawed Angels, starring Hilary Swank. I was much more impressed with Vera Farmiga’s supporting role in the film, myself. On the whole, it was a really good movie that brought to mind what I really think of when I think of true feminism: the suffrage movement, and the struggle for equal rights. That’s a feminism I can be proud of.

Monday was probably the most eye opening day of this entire course so far, and I’m really glad we did what we did.

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  1. Mariana,

    I’ve read quite a bit lately about this concept of ‘stepping back’ but if everyone is stepping back, then nobody’s moving forward. No one would be taking the lead and providing a leadership rule. There has to be a balance.

    Iron Jawed Angels is a great movie with a lot of good performances by many actresses. I have to agree with you about Vera Farmiga’s performance. She had been a round before that but this was the role that opened the doors for her.

    The whole subject of women’s suffrage is a national embarrassment. The way we treated women at that time who were fighting for equal rights is scary. Jailing women under the sedition laws for demanding equal rights was just one means with which the US government tried to subjugate a large and vocal sector of the populace.

    This is one of those subjects that has been largely ignored by the TV and movie people.