Saturday, July 10, 2010

Harvard and Brownie Dinner!!

Today we got the fabulous chance of being able to take an informational tour and campus tour of Harvard. The informational session was splendid. It included two Harvard students along with an admissions officer who spoke a bit about Harvard and some of the programs and activities that occur there. Then, we took part in a campus tour, around the main yard which is in the middle of everything. Then our tour guide took us around and we went into a pair of buildings -- one being the Science Center. It was really beautiful and the weather was really hot. The tour lasted for some time but most importantly it was great.

After we returned to the hotel and readied our bags so that Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg could take them and spare us from dragging them to Providence, where we will be for the rest of the trip. The time for our course at Brown to begin has come and it is basically today. The ride on the Amtrak did not take long and soon enough we reached Providence, Rhode Island. As, we left the hotel and went to the Amtrak station it rained. Once at the Amtrak station there was thunder and even though it was raining it still felt pretty hot.

In Providence we will stay only for one night at Hotel Providence. On Sunday, July 11, we will be registering at Brown and later be going to Brunch. At the Brunch all of the Brownies will be present along with the chaperones and Brown Alumni that have been invited.

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  1. Selene,

    I just read how the alarm clocks I supplied you with were left unused.

    Now I read that it rained so my day won't be complete until I read how you refused to use the umbrellas I supplied you with, too.

    The next thing I'll be reading is that I might as well quit the program since everything I bring to the table will be ignored.

    Oh well...