Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Summer@Brown

This summer trip was an absolutely terrific adventure. Through the course on Women and Leadership, I was able to take at Brown, I learned a lot about leadership and ways to improve in it. I also learned about the obstacles that we as women face in our lives and about those women out there who are trying to set an example for all girls out there when it comes to following the gender norms set by society.

Furthermore, I was able to meet some really amazing and inspiring people while I stayed at Brown. My class was so diverse not just ethnically, but in opinions and perspectives as well. Discussions were so interesting and eye opening because of the diverse point of views that were brought forward. Both Kisa and My attested to having been able to see how each and every single one of us changed over the two week course.

The entire trip is memorable, but the moments that were the most impressive for me were the Amazing Woman Project, Action Plan, College Tours, and guest speakers.

My Amazing Woman Project on Dolores Huerta allowed me to learn more about a woman, who through her actions, has shown great valor, cunning, and tenacity. However, even through all that she has done for farm workers and the rights of others, she still remains in great part unknown and unrecognized for her achievements. It was really interesting and new to me to do a monologue in front of others -- specially representing Dolores Huerta. Kisa, my instructor, even mentioned that it might be a good idea to email or get in contact with Dolores Huerta through some other method. I have thought about it and maybe I will do this later on.

My Action Plan really made me think about all the issues and necessities of my community. I really thought about a wide variety of things I could address, keeping in mind what is feasible for me and what isn’t. I feel that the idea of coming up with an action plan is not a bad idea it really encourages students to think and act towards a good cause. When I did present my plan I also got the chance to hear the plans of some of my fellow peers. Their plans varied from health, the environment, awareness, to poverty. The few parents that were in there to witness our presentations really paid attention and gave their comments. Some even asked questions to clarify points in our plans. It was fantastic and really concluded the summer program for me. Most significantly, it showed what we had learned in the two weeks we spent at Brown.

The college tours and my time at Brown University allowed me to become more aware of the aspects and characteristics of college campuses that I like and don’t like. Connecticut College (CC), Boston College (BC), Wellesley College, Harvard University, and Brown University were all very impressive, different, but in some things similar. Each of these institutions in the East Coast offer a great education, without any doubt, but obviously different college experiences. Thanks to the time I spent on each campus I learned a bit of what each institution offers.

CC, in New London, Connecticut is strong in the humanities and has really good study abroad programs. In addition, students there are able to schedule their finals and take them without any proctors.

BC, affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, has two campuses and offers students a wide diversity of academics and sports. The main campus’ architecture is quiet Gothic. BC’s curriculum requires students to take courses in science, math, history, literature, writing, philosophy, art, social science, etc. The curriculum makes students take classes that maybe otherwise they would not have taken. At times these classes can change students’ goals and make them realize new things about themselves.

Wellesley College, is an all women college located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Its campus is around 500 acres and includes Lake Waban. Apparently, some of its most popular majors are English, psychology, biological sciences, political science, etc. Wellesley requires its students to take a certain amount of units from a wide variety of fields. For example, students must take three units in language, art, and literature. Like CC students are able to take their finals without a proctor and because of the honor code there exists much trust among students.

Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is like a city with a constant stream of people going to and from campus. Here most of the campus life occurs in the main yard. Though Harvard offers a wide variety of majors’ students also have the option to create their own major. In addition, Harvard offers cross-registration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Harvard requires its students to take eight courses from six different fields.

Brown University located in Providence, Rhode Island is a liberal arts college where students are encouraged to explore their creativity and curiosity in all fields. Brown has multiple grassy lawns around its 140 acres. Students take four courses every term so that by graduation they have completed thirty two courses. Brown students as those of Harvard have the choice of creating their own major if Brown does not already offer it. Brown’s study abroad programs allow students to spend some time in one of fifteen different countries.

Moreover, I really enjoyed each of the guest speakers that I had in class. They each came and shared their experiences and perspectives with us. Each of their contributions made the class even more interesting and entertaining. What I liked most was that they were all outgoing and outspoken women. Many of whom are professionals in their fields and others community activists.

Now that Summer@Brown is over I am back home and soon enough school will start! Next year, my senior year should be fun and challenging, but also a chance to show my fellow peers some of the things I learned in the past two weeks.

Thank you, to all those who allowed me to engage in such a challenging and life changing experience. Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, Ms. Stewart, Don, Mr. Vilar, Ms. Champion, Mr. Medrano, and everyone else who encouraged me to do this, who believed in me, and who provided me with the necessary things for this trip, thank you!

Ms. Stewart I specially thank you for the care and responsibility you showed me and my fellow Brownies. Without you we might not have made it and survived all those stairs. Thanks a lot for being down to earth and real with all of us. Have fun this upcoming school year!

Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, and Don please continue this program and allow others in our district the chance to take part in programs such as the Women and Leadership one I participated in. Let our district see the rise of more and more leaders, because youth are the future not just of the world but of our community as a whole. Continue doing the excellent jobs you do because without you my trip would not have been as it was.

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