Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Grand Finale

Today was our last day at both Brown University and Providence, Rhode Island. These two weeks just flew by and now we are well on our way back to Boston to stay overnight so we can leave for California tomorrow, Saturday. It was so sad to say bye to all the new friends and people we met and were able to interact and learn with. I am really going to miss the other twenty two girls enrolled in the Women and Leadership course and plus the other people that I had the chance to meet.

I really felt comfortable in Providence and loved everything I was able to learn in the short time I got to spend here. Reflecting back to my initial worries about being away from home, I see that in the end it was that exact thing that allowed me to experience all that I did. I really had fun even when I had something to do every single day. However, not always were these things for my class, but a few times it was to socialize and get to know people more. You really have to balance academics, socializing, and fun out.

The closer we got to our departure date the less we wanted to hear about having to go our separate ways. By we I mean Bianchi, Diana, Vanessa, and the rest of my lovely friends. It seemed that the days slipped one by one and next thing we knew it was time for us all to go back home. Bianchi and Diana will return on Saturday afternoon to New Orleans and Vanessa went back to Massachusetts with her family, who came to pick her up. We all have to get back to our lives back home. Bianchi and Diana will have to start their junior year in high school at the International High School of New Orleans. Vanessa will be starting her senior year in high school. Even though we all went our distinct ways today, for sure there will always be the bond we formed here at Brown and the terrific adventures we had together.

Through the course work and different activities that were planned for the Leadership Institute these past two weeks were terrific!

We will have to stay at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel for the night. I wonder about the Internet access there -- hope there is some. Our last night in the East Coast!

Before we actually got to the goodbyes we all had to present our Action Plans'. My Action Plan was actually to create a blog in which one male and one female student can each give their perspective on issues such as the environment, laws, politics, etc. The purpose of this would be that that way through the blog other people, other youth in particular will have a chance to voice their opinion. By voicing their opinion we will help increase self-expression especially in adolescents who face a hard task in transforming from children to adults. Gaining all the responsibility can trouble and at times shut youth out from reality. They can become quiet and shy, unwilling to show the world what they really think. Even though I have this plan I feel like it might change in some of its aspects. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

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  1. Selene,

    I like the idea for your Action Plan. Opening a line of dialogue amongst young people is a good way to flush out ideas and opinions.

    Getting the word out about your blog and perpetuating it will be your challenge. Are you up to it? I think you can do it, Selene.