Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fire in Water

Saturday I slept, ate, did homework inside, outside, and at the library, went to the city and went to a dance party.

The John D. Rockefeller library was amazing. I have never seen so many books in my life. Whenever I saw a really old book, I would touch the spine in amazement. That library is very cool and in tempter wise as well. Unlike the dorms, it has air conditioning. The science library has a very nice secluded section of Macs.

In the city, I saw a bunch of mini bonfires held in black cages placed in a river with Diana, my roommate, Selene, Bianchi, and I. The place was packed with people taking pictures and walking around. You could hear romantic music being played.

Dunkin’ Donuts gave out free samples to a mad crowd eager for free food/drink. The blue glop in a small clear plastic cup was not bad. Dunkin’ Donuts is quite the rage here in the East Coast.

After we watch the firelight reflecting in the dark water we walked back to Brown where there was a dance party for a fake wedding. It was Ok.

Today I did homework and laundry. On Saturday, I did Friday and Saturday’s reading assignments so today I only did Sunday's. I now know my action plan. After many of my ideas were slaughtered by logistics I was left with an area I could do. I talked to my Young Woman president from church on facebook as to what she saw was needed. She said trust and I formed my plan to invite everyone and play some trust games, of which I have played many. I hope that this will build trust.
I took this picture of myself by myself.


  1. From Irene's Mom (sorry, every one else's google accounts keep showing up when I try to make mine show up):

    Lydia, I love this photo of you reflected in the glass, with the waterfire happening in the background. Very poetic and creative.

    Many of this country's greatest women leaders got their training in their churches. Women church leaders were very prominent in the abolition, temperance, and civil rights movement. I'm probably leaving out some important examples, too.

    Leah Carroll

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  3. Lydia:

    What kind of trust games would you play? Are you talking about your planned outreach at Mira Vista? What size of group can you lead in a trust game?

    I had heard about Dunkin' Donuts before. Your father's cousin, Jeff Breksa, who lived in NY, used to hang out at a neighborhood Dunkin' Donuts with a group of friends most days of the week. I don't get the habitual 'hanging out' stuff at all.

    Glad you are enjoying what you are seeing! Keep up the good work, we are very proud of you.

    Lydia's Mom, Laura Breksa

  4. Lydia,

    The WaterFire show in Providence is always a favorite of our Brownies. You might want to check out their web site to learn more about it:

    And yes, Dunkin Donuts is an East Coast institution (as well as in Chicago). I think that they are to that part of the country as In-N-Out is to the LA area (where people stand outside waiting for them to open).

    You’re learning a lot of leadership—including the ones involving trust—that can easily be brought back to your area. Although the question has been raised with regards to hw this relates to ‘leadership’, someone needs to pass on these new tools and someone has to organize the sessions and preside over the sessions.

    I say give it a go, Lydia.