Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saving the Best for Last

It felt weird waking up this morning to the cool whir of the air conditioning turned on high. The large television screen stared at me as I woke up to brush my teeth for the long day of touring Harvard. I already miss Brown: the sense of community, togetherness, safety, and adventure. Instead, I was in a hotel room watching TV and sleeping in bed.

As we neared Harvard, I witnessed a wonderful sight: People walking down the busy streets, glorious buildings towering over us, and an amazing campus. This is what I dreamed Harvard would be like.

The ILC group (Brown Session I and Brown Session II) first arrived at the informational center where 3 helpful students answered questions and discussed the numerous aspects of Harvard. They divided Harvard's acceptance into 3 sections: academics, extra-curriculars, and determination. On the academics, Harvard wants to accept people who have challenged themselves in their school by taking the higher level courses. However, Harvard doesn't want to force you to take all of the AP classes at your school but instead let your ambition choose what AP's you want to take. Harvard also considers your school conditions and environment in your application so if you lived in a destitute school and commit yourself to success in academics, you will be considered highly. The second part of the admissions process is extra-curriculars. Harvard looks highly for those who have committed themselves to activities outside the school ranging from internships to sports. The final aspect of the admissions process is determination. Harvard looks to accept people who will take advantage of their research opportunities and various academics given at Harvard.

Some other interesting facts about Harvard are that: 1. The freshmen get to live at the center of the action at Harvard. Freshmen are housed in the main green and may even live in the dorms where famous people such as Al Gore lived. 2. When Harvard offers a course and one student enrolls in it, the class is still offered to that student.

Visiting Harvard was the highlight of the numerous college tours I had. I truly think that Harvard's campus visit was the ending to a great 3 week program. Good night.

The Schlesinger Library

A church hidden behind trees

The admissions office within the central green

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  1. William,

    So you had a good time at Harvard? Saw a few things you like? Saw a place that might be a good home for you when you matriculate to college?

    Go for it, William.

    I was amused to read of yours and others' fascination with who may have lived in a dorm as if their good fortune might rub off on you.

    I can recall back in high school where I was able to get a math textbook for the following year issued to me when I left for summer vacation. When I saw that it had previously been issued to Eddie Jackson (a Westinghouse Scholar), I somehow felt that just by having his book I would be able to ace the course the same way he did.

    Yes, William, I aced the course, but I think that maybe some of my success was the result of my own abilities but even today I look at that book on my shelf in awe (okay, so I 'forgot' to turn it back in).