Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Very, Very Long Day

My Saturday went like this:

12 AM with Selene
1 AM with Selene
6 AM wake up and go back to sleep
7 AM wake up
8 AM packed and ready to go
Then rushed to Harvard University’s information session and tour.

Harvard’s students seem to care about their school and love to learn. The idea that you could sleep in the same room that George Washington did is amazing. I really liked the school’s Civil War memorial, which I have never seen before.

8:30 PM went to Mill’s Tavern restaurant. I sat next to Selene.
11:40 PM with Selene
1:31 AM writing this blog and talking to Selene
2 AM going to bed


  1. Lydia,

    What can I say? A full day and most of it with Selene. I'm guessing that you were paired with Selene as roomies?

  2. Love it!! Yes, they were rooming together at the Hotel Providence, but not at the Boston Park Plaza.