Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Future Brown Bear

The knowledge I have gained over the past three weeks is usually gained over many years. I want to expose my friends to the possibilities that are lying before them. I never thought that after three weeks away from home that I would want to go back once I was home. I just wish that they could go experience what I did. Like I often say, you never know, so why not go and try. Why not go out of your comfort zone. The trip was a prime example of this. I was exposed to new places, people, and things that I would have otherwise not gotten to experience so I just want to help my friends realize their potential by telling my story. By telling my school I could open others eyes to what the world has to offer. I truly am a new person.

During the interview Brown was my dream school, during the program I was questioning whether I really wanted to go there, and after coming back I am more than certain that I am going to apply there. It became my home. I felt like I had a family just after three weeks. If I can feel this connected after three weeks then I can’t imagine how great college will be.

During the three weeks I was discouraged by the people around me telling me that Davis was the college that I would go to because they thought they knew everything about me. Well I want to go to Brown. Now more than ever I am going to fight and push for that acceptance letter from Brown. I will once again show everyone that I am better than they thought and that I can do it. I have so much to offer, but not everyone sees this. By the end of my senior year I will show others and myself that I can not only get into Davis but also get into Brown. Even if I don’t I will be able to say that I tried my best.

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  1. Megan,

    I admire your determination to succeed and fulfill your dreams.

    Thank you for amplifying your earlier ‘end of session’ blog.