Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Women Hold Up Half the Sky"

Indeed did Mao Tse-Tung capture the importance of women. There are many amazing women in this world and today we presented few of the numerous women that make a difference in lives everywhere. Five of us did so today: Irene, Lucero, Selene, Mariana and I.

The 3rd round of the presenters presented theirs first thing this morning. Each woman I heard about was individual in passion and personality. We had students that did theirs on: Toni Morrison(author of Beloved), Maya Angelou(poet), Dolores Huerta,(activist) and many more.

Afterward, we had four women come in to form a discussion panel on their professional and home lives. Qualities, achievements and education were some of the topics touched upon. Each women had a different background. One was from Harvard, another went to Brown, one had two kids while still another had none. This range of perspectives and backgrounds allowed us to see how similar (or not similar) their difficulties and/or opportunities were like.

The discussion was very informative for me. I had living proof in front of me that women could both hold a great job and also have a great social/family life as well. Some women chose to have kids and others did not. For me, this was a big topic to talk since each of us is going to have to make that decision when we're older. But one of the ladies spoke about priorities. She said that we would come to realize what each of our priorities would be once we've gained enough experience and wisdom, whether it would be our family, jobs, friends,etc. I marked this side note in my head. Nikki, who graduated from Harvard, discussed the "vision" we all create in our minds of what we want to accomplish. Sometimes, our dreams change, or perhaps it only shifts and you realize that there are infinitely many opportunities and jobs out there that you might want to try, is what she said.

Leaving to the V-Dub

During lunch, Irene, Lucero, Selene and I met with Mercedes Domenech to discuss any questions we had about Brown. She was very humorous and down-to-earth once again when we spoke to her. I found out more about the PLME (Program in Liberal Medical Education) which, although seems nice, I do not see myself applying for it.

Considering the PLME, I am not entirely certain I want to enter the medical field. I love medicine, however, I would also like the opportunity to explore other options as well. Politics is my other passion, and I find hard to choose between the two. However, I was told by someone that there are many politicians that have an MD among other degrees and balance the two. I find it won't impossible to combine both.

We also discussed other admissions doubts. I felt like I learned a lot during the lunch and every day, I picture myself at Brown more and more. It is the perfect learning environment for me. I am a very curious person and the type of education offered here would give me the opportunity to explore other subjects: engineering, art, anthropology, Egyptology and so much more. The financial aid package is generous, which is also a plus for me. Come December, I will submit my application to Brown university.

Meeting with Mercedes, the admissions officer.

After lunch, it was time for my presentation and Lucero's as well. Lucero went first and I think she did an awesome job! Then, I was right after her. I practiced a lot the night before and it paid off. I stumbled a bit at times but overall, it was fine. The public speaking workshop we had earlier in the week helped me a lot with this presentation. It gave me more confidence and skills to present myself in an effective manner.

After class, I decided to participate in the blood drive that was on campus today. It was may first time doing so, but I had my friend Thara to accompany me on my new experience. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about it; I have never donated before, but I kept telling myself I would save lives.

Turns out, it was not as bad as I thought and I feel very good about saving three lives. The volunteer was was proctoring my donation pointed out a woman in the hall who was saved by a blood donations while she was giving childbirth. If it weren't for the donations, she would have not survived. This made me feel very happy that I could make the difference in someone's live just by donating blood. It is something simple one can do to good in the world. This is why I am drawn to medicine: you can help save lives.

Nervously waiting...

My blood being drawn...I have yet to know my blood type.

This bag of blood can save 3 lives.

I'm trying to be Rosie the Riveter but instead I'm "Lupe the Blood-Giver" -Irene Rojas-Carroll

We met with Ms. Stewart during dinner and we had a blast. She gave us the departure information for Saturday.

I am sad to be leaving Brown. I feel like I have a home here now in the Rhode Island community. The people here are amazing and I love my class and the professor as well. There is so much that I learned from being here on the East Coast. However, every beginning has its ending, and with that, another new beginning emerges, ready for us to grasp hold of it for a new chapter in our lives.

Tomorrow, we will practice for our Action Plan presentations for Friday.

Homework is calling me.

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  1. (from Irene's Mom):

    Irene's little sister was hospitalized for six weeks in 2006, when she was 8. Her treatment, for Kawasaki Disease (you can google it), involved getting three transfusions of Immunoglobulin, each bag from 1,000 donors. So, thank you for giving blood! I'll give blood too, as soon as they forgive me for being in lowlands Colombia a year ago (malaria risk).

    Leah Carroll