Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hammer fist

I just came back from the closing floor meeting and about to go to a good-bye dance party with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

The closing was a game where we would all sit in the chairs formed in a circle with our eyes closed. Two of the girls would tap someone or people in the group that matched the description My read. For an example, she asked the girls to tap someone who you believe in and tap four people who you really respect. This activity really touched me. I did not know some people viewed me in some ways.

Before that, the class had a self-defense course for the afternoon session. I really enjoyed this class because it involved physical activity and yelling. We learned different punches (one which was called the hammer fist) and kicks and how to deal when someone is trying to choke us, pull us away, and has us in a bear hug.

In the morning session I practiced my action plan in front of a small group in class. Their feedback was to slow down.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is my last day at Brown!

I am off to a fun but probably sad good-bye dance party.

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  1. (from Irene's Mom):

    Lydia, this photo of the window is very interesting. The framing of the image is very artistic. I think you have a great eye for photography and may want to develop that talent more.

    Leah Carroll