Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I rushed to the library to drop off The Jane Addams Reader at the John D. Rockefeller library, checked facebook and then headed off to the Arnold Lounge in Keeney Quad. I had looked at the map and had my route figured out. I just did not know which direction I needed to go, if I should turn left or right first (to go up the hill or down the hill). (Picture of my school room)

I saw a lady driving a car by me and I asked her which way I was to turn to get to Brown Street with a map in hand and probably confusion written out on my face. She pulled over and then parked as I explained my predicament. The kind lady then led me by driving slowly for me to follow to the Keeney Quad which was not far away. She even called someone to make sure she was going the right way. I am so thankful for the kindness she showed which was not necessary or convenient. I was and still am surprised by her service. Even though much of what we hear in the news is bad events or people, I think that there is still much good in the world.

At the Arnold Lounge students, who like me, are Partner Scholars, came for pizza and to learn more about colleges in general and Brown through students advice and answers to our questions. This session was very informative and I am glad that I was invited to come.

At class, we learned about women in politics. Picture one triangle labeled men with the base touching the ground and another triangle labeled women with the tip touching the ground. Each triangle is split into three parts, appearance at the top from the ground, setting in the middle and message at the bottom.
Men    Women
△         ▽
I thought that was a neat way of describing women and men in politics. People often commented on Clinton and Palin’s clothing and then their message whereas for Obama and McCain they talked about their message first.

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be Wednesday!


  1. Lydia,

    You’re breaking my heart here.

    You titled your blog ‘Pizza’ and then failed to write anything about this pizza.

    Normally this wouldn’t be an issue except that it’s nearly midnight right now, I’ve been stuck at a City Council meeting for the past six hours with maybe another 2-3 hours before we adjourn and I haven’t eaten anything substantive since dinner yesterday.

    When I read the word ‘Pizza’ in the title, I could actually smell the pizza. Had you written a little about it, my stomach might not be growling so much right now.

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