Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Women Self-Esteem

The class that I am taking is absolutely wonderful. I know that even though I have only been in it for two days, it seems illogical to make such a conclusion, but from the moment it started I had the feeling that this class will seriously make a great impact in my life.

Today in class we had the chance to discuss the self-esteem of girls. It was an absolutely wonderful discussion. I had a great time in class discussing both as a whole class but as small groups as well the things that both diminish and contribute to self-esteem, specifically in girls. I really loved the discussions and activities we got to take part in throughout the class.

In addition, to working and discussing self-esteem we also continued working on our leadership skills. One very interesting topic that came up was how to be a leader at times it is necessary to be a follower, or in other words sometimes a person needs to step down so that someone else can lead. This discussion was brought up by our homework from the past night, which was on the excerpt, "An Introduction to Leadership," from the book called Exploring Leadership: for College Students Who Want to Make a Difference by Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas, and Timothy R. McMahon. The discussion went into the different kinds of followers and the need there is for followers to exist so that a group may progress. I really liked the different definitions for a follower and leader. By reading it for homework I realized the importance and definition of a good leader or leaders and of good followers.

After class, Lydia and I decided to start on our homework a bit early though we really did not get to it until a while later. We spent some time talking to two of our classmates, Bionchi Hughes and Diana Vazquez, but while we were doing this all of a sudden we heard the fire alarm go off, which really scared us. All of us ran down the stairs in a frenzy, did I mention we were on the fourth floor? Everything happened so quickly that before we knew it we were out in front of our dorm, Harkness, in the safety area, which is the grass. One of Harkness' residents had had to exit the building in a towel because she was taking a shower when the alarm went of. Then, after a while a gentleman informed us that it had just been a test to make sure we knew the procedure in case there was a real fire.

After all the excitement we went back to the lounge outside of Lydia's and Diana's room on the fourth floor. We took care of some of our homework and then I returned to my room. In that time Lydia went to check out a place where they had told her there are piano's available for her to practice on while she is here at Brown. She actually found them and was so happy about it.

We went to dinner together, Lydia and I, and we had fun talking and eating. For dessert I had a delicious vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs...
After the dinner we went back to the fourth floor to finish our homework in the lounge. That basically sums up today's events.

Class tomorrow so have to get working!!
More to come


  1. Selene,

    Please don’t take this wrong but that photo of your dessert scared the bejeesus out of me. I was ready to call in the Rhode Island Department of Public Health. It looked like they were serving you chunks of coal. We’ve all read the stories about the quality of the food at university dining halls and I thought this was your subtle way of showing us. Maybe it was just the lighting.

    I’m not quite sure of the rooming arrangements so maybe you can help me out here. Do you all have a roomie? They didn’t pair you up with another ILC student, did they?

  2. Just to clarify - the food is great! If you know what to get and how to combine it, it's fine. I like the oreo crumbs on the ice cream.

    Selene, that's a nice picture of you.