Monday, July 12, 2010

So Tired, About to Die. (In a Good Way)

It’s literally impossible for me to go into detail about my day. I am so exhausted and have the worst headache, I feel like I’m about to pass out.

But the class was great; first day just spent meeting people and learning a little about leadership.

Our leaderfellow is amazing and German (so she’s only going to fuel my newfound Germany obsession) and the teacher is incredibly friendly.

Cafeteria food is passable at best, and it’s easier to go off campus for food, and Thayer Street is perfect, because there’s amazing cheap burritos that I definitely took advantage of.

The people here are amazing, and I can’t believe for one second I thought that I wouldn’t make friends. As I type, I’m in a girl’s room across the hall, and we’ve been spending every minute of today together.

I’ve also been meeting a ton of international students, which is really eye-opening. Even though we all come from different countries, we all ended up here at Brown, and have so much in common.

I know tomorrow is going to be even better, so I’m eager just to get to sleep so I can wake up refreshed and ready for my second day.

I’m always so busy I never remember to take pictures, but I promise there will be some up soon.

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  1. Mariana,

    You already know how much I enjoy reading your blogs but the words just get in the way sometimes. I need to see some graphics interspersed. We need great photos to be posted!

    I know, you promised photos at a later time but does that suggest that you'll be replacing tomorrow's photos with todays photos? By the time you end up on the plane home I'm thinking I've been cheated out of at least a days photos.

    Glad you like the multinational aspect of this class. Just today and yesterday in the SF Chron and the WCT they had articles about the large number of multinational students attending classes both at Cal and at the local JCs. They commented that many schools are now spending large amounts of money to recruit students from other countries mostly for the money but also to bring a more balanced and diverse approach to the student body. As you're seeing first hand and as I've read in some of the other blogs, this is important.

    I can't imagine why you ever would have thought that you wouldn't be making new friends while attending Brown. First off, you have one of those personalities where you make friends everywhere. And add to that the number of young males around campus and Providence and my bet is that you'll have a whole lot more Facebook friends when you come home than you did when you left. Tell me I'm wrong about this.