Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dolores Huerta Presentation!

Today I got the chance to present my monologue on Dolores Huerta. It was terrific to present. I had a real fun time. Many of my classmates also presented and it was interesting to hear what each woman did.

In class, we also, had a panel of guest speakers who talked to us about their experiences in life and what steps they took to get there. We also got the chance to ask questions. What was interesting to hear was that a main concept the emphasized was that keeping a balance in life is crucial to being able to do what you like. When they spoke about balance they mostly referred to family and work. One of the women actually is a psychologist! The time they spent with us went by really quickly and before we knew it it was over. Nevertheless, their words were special and I greatly appreciate them.

After class I did not do much other than go to the Rockefeller Library. I really like it there are so many books and I love the fact they have so many computers available for usage. The times I have been there I have never seen people waiting to use them, but then again it is the summer. The librarians are really nice and people are most commonly very helpful and willing to lend a hand.

Have to work on my Action Plan!

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  1. Selene,

    You’re such a tease. You tell us that you gave your Amazing Woman presentation but you don’t tell us how it went of what About Dolores Huerta you found to be amazing. Inquiring minds want to know, Selene.