Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Exploration!

I finally got the chance to wake up a little late today. I had planned out my day the night before. I was first going to try to get some of my homework done in the morning. I ended up doing all my reading assignments for this weekend and started working on my amazing woman monologue.

I dedicated the morning to do my work. I managed to get a lot of my homework done, but I still need to finish some. The readings were once again interesting. Some of the passages were on woman injustices like genital mutilation, rape, abuse, etc. They were really informative. There was also a passage in where a woman writes about how feminism is not dead. She suggested that young women should get more involved and that the older feminists should let the younger feminists give their opinions more often.

While I was doing my reading I also decided to do my laundry. However, the card machine was not working. So instead Thara offered to go get change in quarters since she was going to go to the store. That turned out to work perfectly. I was able to get my laundry done even though I wasted $1.25 on the card. I was just glad that I finally managed to get my clothes clean.

My Saturday morning was pretty busy. However, I didn't want to just sit home all day. After all I am on the East Coast and I need to go explore. So Thara, Stephanie, Katherine, and I decided to go see the Water Fire. We ended up meeting outside with Lila, a girl in my floor. Once we were there we talked with two guys who are also taking a summer@brown class. One came from China while Emmanuel came from Switzerland.
The view of the water fire was amazing.

After we were done, we all went back to our building. We took a 30 minute rest and then headed off to a dance. The theme of the dance was "Wedding Crashers". It was really fun to go out and dance with friends after a long day of studying. However, the night wasn't the best for some people. My friend lost her key to her room at the party so we helped her look for it for like an hour. Sadly, she was not able to find it.

However, as the night went on we all decided to dance and have fun. It was a fun day. I'm just glad that I'm almost done with all my assignments so I can have the day off tomorrow. It is really good to put off procrastinating!


  1. Lucero,

    Between the story of your friend losing her key and the many ILC members who have left their keys in their rooms, I’m thinking that maybe we ought to have some ILC lanyards made up like you wear at your high school so out ILC students can hang their keys around their necks.

    It may look geeky but considering the alternative, it may be the better option.

  2. Summer@brown does give us red lanyard to put our keys on. The trick is to remember to put the lanyard on!