Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today the Woman and Leadership class and another class in the leadership institute went to the ropes course which was about 30 minutes away by bus.

We split into different groups and played games. The first game was called chicken baseball. In chicken baseball, each team tries to get to 20 or more points first. Team A throws the rubber chicken as far as they can away from team B. As team B runs to get the rubber chicken and then pass it down the line by handing it down by passing it under the legs to the next person who passes it down over their head, team A’s members but one form a circle. The one not in the circle, the runner, runs around the circle as fast as they can. Each loop around the group’s circle that the runner does is one point. Then team B throws the rubber chicken. I enjoyed playing this game.

The next game was a series of trust games. In the trust games you are to trust that your spotter will make sure you will not fall as you lean back towards their direction straight as a pole and supposedly relaxed as a baby falling asleep. Later as we played different variations of this type of game, we lifted each other up.

My group then played a game where on a wet log surrounded by untouchable land we had to silently organize ourselves by birthday. As a January birthday, I only had to move once.

We then played a game where we had to go in a circle on small raised platforms to stand on every platform. Two people had to share with two other people to fit in the platforms we could use. The second time we played the game three people, Katherine, Allie, and Cara, could not see.

The next game we did was called Island Hopping. In Island Hopping we had to travel from one island (wooden platforms) to another. To get across to the other island we had double two planks the facilitators gave us to use.

Finally, we played two games on ropes low to the ground hung by trees. The first game was that all of us in the group had to get on the rope. Then we had to all travel to a certain spot. The second challenge was much harder because no longer were we allowed to use a stick to travel from one point to the other and we had to hold each others' hands instead of the trees in the rope course path.

It was pretty fun. I look forward to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” tomorrow.

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  1. Lydia,

    What kind of a sick soul are you? You come across as this sweet and moral person and then we find that when you get into the woods you’re throwing chickens around. That’s just cruel. I may fry them or barbecue and I even have them in a pot pie but I never—and I mean NEVER—mistreat those poor chickens.

    We understand that these games weren’t just exercise or amusement but were designed to teach you something. Can you maybe help us out a little and tell us the point to these games? We get the one where you put your faith in your partner and trust that they’ll catch you when you fall but the others aren’t quite as crystal clear in their intent.