Friday, July 16, 2010

Five Days

I cannot believe that a whole five days of school has passed! Each day went by slowly by itself but looking back the days seemed to go by so fast. The class has been enjoyable so far. I look forward to another week and the projects, amazing woman monologue, and interview and capstone project.

For the amazing woman monologue I am to research about a woman who I admire and talk about her through her. I am doing Jane Addams because as I was brainstorming as to who I am to do she came to mind. I could not remember her name but I remembered what she did. I learned about her in the beginning of the 8th grade.

Last night I interviewed my mom for the interview project. Some of her answers sounded familiar to what she has told me before and explained some things about my mom. This example goes with what we have been reading and talking a little bit in class; to understand others you need to understand their culture. However, although those around us influence us we still have the option in how we are going to react to that incident, person, or thing.

I am still thinking as to what my capstone project is going to be. I went to my teacher, Kisa, to help me eliminate some of my ideas. She only gave me another idea to do. I will have it down by Sunday.

I enjoyed watching “How to Train Your Dragon” and I got Selene to watch the movie with me and some other girls from my Women and Leadership class.

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  1. Lydia,

    Good choice of women to emulate. Jane Addams was a remarkable woman and should provide you with plenty of inspirational fodder for your presentation.

    Maybe you can tell us something about “How to Train Your Dragon” and how it applied to your course?