Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Action Plan

Today I presented my monologue and wrote my Action Plan paper.

In class successful women came in for a panel and gave us very good advice, such as doing what you love but not spreading yourself out so much. One of the women brought her young daughter of age 5 to class. During the panel I sat next to her. She reminded me of children I had babysat for and my own younger brother. Her little bunny reminded me of my younger sister.

At lunch I meet with Mercedes Domenech. She was very funny and straight to the point.

There was a blood drive, of which I wished I could participate in but I was too young. You had to be 17. Someday I hope to give blood -- if I can take the physical strain of doing so.

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  1. Lydia,

    You write about giving your monologue but you didn’t mention how it went for you. Maybe you can tell us about it and something about your heroine that made you select her as your subject.

    And by the way, there’s no physical strain to donating blood. As someone who has donated more than 200 times I can tell you that physically you feel no different when you leave than you do when you arrive. Emotionally, though, you feel good knowing you’ve done a good thing.