Thursday, July 22, 2010

Entertaining Way of Learning

We started off the class by breaking down into small groups so we could present our Action Plans. I was in a group with Bianchi, Ritika, and Tierra. I was the first to go up and give my presentation. 

After I was done they gave me suggestions on how to improve it. Being able to practice in front of some of my peers was really helpful. I benefited greatly from the advice and I plan on working on it when I'm presenting tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about presenting, but I'm also looking forward to it.

Once we were all done presenting, we met back inside the classroom and finished the activity on Ethics. We were given scenarios in where we had to decide as a group what the person should do. It was really interesting to hear different responses from everyone. There were some that didn't consider some things that bad, while others completely disagreed.

After lunch was over, we had a very fun activity. We were taught some skills on self-defense! It was really great. I learned how to defend myself if I am attacked. However, the instructor told us that there are times when it would be smarter to just give in instead of trying to resist. It would be completely illogical, if we fought someone with a weapon. We would be putting our life in jeopardy.

It was exciting to get to scream, kick, and punch. It was a very fun activity, but with a serious purpose to it. I really liked it. I got really excited when it came to scream "NO!" that my throat hurts me now.

Since I still had my books from the Rockefeller Library, I went with Thara and Guadalupe to return them. We were initially planning on taking them all the way back to the Rockefeller Library, but then Christine my RA told us that we could return them in the Science Library. It was much closer.

Sadly, we only have tomorrow here in Providence so I decided to go to the Book Store and get a Brown t-shirt. I was with Guadalupe, Thara, and Heidi. After we were done buying our shirts, we headed off to CVS so Thara could buy some sandals. Then the clock turned to 5 PM and we all felt hungry. We decided to go eat some Thai food. It was the first time I had ever tried Thai food and it was really good. I liked it.

After we were all full, we returned to out dorms. I practiced my Action Plan presentation and finished my interview assignment. Time went by so fast that before I knew it, it was 7:00. All the girls in the Women and Leadership class had another mandatory meeting.

The activity was really interesting. We all had to close our eyes, while My would read directions on what to do. There would be two people who would touch us if they felt that the statement said applied to us. It was really touching to see how close we all have become.

At 9:30 PM we had some activities in our building. There was a dance going on in one side and games on the other. I ended up playing a game with the girls. It was fun. Plus we ended up getting Ben and Jerry's and pizza. It was a really fun day. It makes me sad to think that it will all soon be over.

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  1. Lucero,

    I’m unclear why it is that the line that separates right from wrong seems to be in a different place for different people. Isn’t the question of ethics really just a position on right and wrong? Shouldn’t ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ be the same no matter where you are?

    In the local paper here at home on Sunday mornings there’s an article about ethics. The guy is based in New York City and while that shouldn’t matter, the fact that I disagree with almost everything he writes makes me wonder whether his view of ethics—of right and wrong—is indicative of what his fellow New Yorkers feel.

    I don’t know why I bother to read his articles each week when in my heart of hearts I know that his views are contrary to my own. And, of course, since I believe I’m right in my thinking, it means that he has to be wrong. It concerns me that he’s walking the streets of New York all backwards in his thinking and nobody’s trying to stop him.

    You wrote about some of your own classmates that may have been taught by this guy. What do we do, Lucero, about so many people walking around thinking the wrong way?

    Your lessons in self defense are just an added bonus to your classroom studies. What your instructor told you about knowing when to fight and when to acquiesce is true but knowing where that line is drawn can be elusive. What she described is called a strategic retreat.

    At the same time, you have to wonder what the end result might be if you were to allow your attacker to continue unimpeded. Just as when you fight back, even when you choose to allow the attack to continue things can go from bad to worse in a heart beat. Considering how many truly evil people there are these days, sometimes you have to assume the worst and that you may not come away at all so why not fight?

    These are questions we all have to ask ourselves. No matter what we may tell ourselves right now, though, it’s only when we’re put into that situation and faced with the dilemma that we can know what we’ll do.

    We have some of the finest Thai restaurants right here at home and you had to travel 3,000 miles to have your first taste of Thai food? Considering that there are 66 million Thais in Thailand alone, there must be something to their cuisine that makes them keep coming back for more.