Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

I woke up really late today. It was already noon! I feel like I have recovered all the lost sleep. Since I was not done with my interview with my sister, I woke up to work on it. I typed up her responses to my questions and then I added my personal response to them.

The assignment could be either typed or hand written, but I decided to type mine. When I was done with my interview paper, I met with Thara to go to the library. Since I didn't really know how to print my paper, Desarae the librarian helped me. I first had to insert my Brown University card and then select the paper I wanted to print. When I had tried to do it on my own I would insert the card afterwards when it asked to pay, but then it wouldn't print. So today I learned how to print papers at Brown. It is actually pretty simple. All I needed was 15 cents for a two page copy.

After I had my copy, Thara had to put money on her card so she could be able to print tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the card machines were not working. So she was not able to put money in her card.

Since I had missed breakfast, I went to Starbucks to get a tall Iced Green Tea. The drink really made me wake up and get active. However, drinking the tea was not the only thing I had for breakfast/lunch. I actually had some fruit and a piece of bread. I was not that hungry since I had some snacks in my room such as granola bars.

Then I came back to my room and worked on my women monologue project. Since I have a single I felt a little lonely, so I decided to go to the Rockefeller Library with Selene, Irene, Brianchi, and Guadalupe. I was able to look up books on Oprah Winfrey to get more information for my research. The library has a program called "Josiah" in where we can type in what we are looking for and it gives us the location of the books. This made my life easier because I was able to locate the books really easily. This reminded me of the Richmond Public Library back home. Except that this library was really pretty! I wish I had my camera with me at that moment to take pictures of the library.

After we were done gathering our books, we decided to go eat. I was glad we were going to eat because I was getting a little hungry. Then we headed back to our building because we were going to have a mandatory floor meeting with Christine, our RA.

In the meeting we went over our past week at Brown University. Christine asked us to write about what we liked and disliked about the program so far. Many of the girls liked the Ropes Activity, the Diversity Activity, and getting to meet new people. The vast majority did not like that there is a lot of reading so we have to go to bed late. Christine suggested that we should start earlier on our homework or try to get ahead on our reading if we have time. Then she had us write what we hoped for in the next week and what we were nervous about. Almost everyone wrote that they were nervous about the action plan presentation on Friday.
After we were done with that activity, Christine surprised us by getting cake to celebrate some of the girls birthdays from this week. It was fun. Guadalupe and Trina even started singing and dancing. Then when we were all done with our cake, we head back to our rooms. I actually ended up going to Guadalupe's room and relaxing for a while.

At 9:45 PM, I had a meeting with My in where we discussed my idea for my action plan. She was really helpful and encouraged me to try to work with Guadalupe since we both want to work on something having to do with education.

After I was done talking with My, I came to Lina's room in where it was filled with girls watching a movie. I stayed there for a while until it was time to go back to my floor and check in with Christine.

Overall, it was a pretty fun and relaxing day. I am ready for class tomorrow. We will be working more on our monologue and on our action plan.

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