Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Night in Brown

One of the main questions I had about college was "what do you do in your free time in college?" Before coming to Brown, I thought that college students would be rushing to the library to study and do homework. That was a big mistake. Instead, college students are very lively and do far more than their work.

The first week of college was awkward for everyone. People were shy with one another, roommates started drawing borders, and the residential advisors tried to get everyone together. I, too, was caught up in this paranoia but I had something special; I had friends. I clung to the ILC group and managed to get through one week of successes and failures. I felt safe, but I soon learned that my safe time and protection only lasted for that long.

As people settled down, I watched as the real college life began to unfold. People began to shop at the enormous mall in downtown Providence, walk through the busy streets in Brown, hang out in the various buildings scattered throughout the campus. People also began to attend more and more activities hosted by Brown. One such example was tonight.

While picking up Andrew to go to breakfast (since he lives 3 doors from me) I noticed the sign "See my door, Josh". I wondered what this could be and upon further inspection I found that there is going to be a social event occuring tonight. I was excited and pumped up because I could party and have some fun. Andrew seemed to like it too.

Arriving at the dark, nightly scene, we found a room with blasting music and wild dancers. I had an enormous amount of fun. I met some new people, had some fun, and played frisbee afterwards. The night cooled my body down after an intense dance party and wonderful music selection.

Looking back at it now, I appreciate Brown for hosting such parties to gather people of all different characteristics and letting us interact. It also gave us (students) a break from class. College students aren't the boring stereotypical book worm but instead lively and friendly people.


  1. William,

    This is just the blog we want to send to all of our sponsors when we ask them to provide us with truck loads of money to finance next year's ILC group. We'll tell them about how the students they'll be sponsoring to go to Brown will have this huge mall to go to and be able to party hearty big time. Yes, William, that's exactly what we'll tell them.

    And we can mention that on those days when the mall hasn't opened yet or when there isn't a party to go to, some of you attend a class or two.

    Thanks for filling in the holes, William.

    Now that I have you worried, let me just say that we're all glad that you're having a good time BETWEEN attending classes, visiting the library and studying hard. And I know that your parents have to feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that their little boy is out on a college campus at a party. Thank goodness they don't cruise the Internet like we do to see those great gonzo videos about college parties and the wild women that go crazy at them.

    Now, aren't you glad that I weighed in on this?

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