Thursday, July 1, 2010

Class Challenge

One more day and it is going to be the completion of our second week at Brown! I just realized that it is July already. We have 10 more days till we depart for home. I should treasure the days I have left at Brown because I know it is going to be the best memory I can have in my whole life.

Today has been a laid-back day in terms of classes. Even though the whole class did not get to finish the final step for our second experiment, we achieved a lot and set everything ready to run for tomorrow. In the afternoon discussion/lecture we didn't have much lecture and simply went over the final laboratory project that we will have to do in order to complete the class. What's special about this assignment is that this is an independent lab in which only the goal is given and we have to design the experiment on our own. There will be no procedures or lab preparation steps to follow, and we will start from scratch.

I am actually very excited about it because it sounds really challenging -- knocking the expression of a given gene out by inserting a piece of DNA in between the gene and its promotor. There are hints given, but more research has to be done.

That's why I am starting right now!

Until next time.

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  1. Zijun,

    In real life we're confronted with a problem and we have to find the path towards the solution.

    In a lot of lab classes it's just the opposite wherein they give you the lab protocols and have you follow the procedures in the hope that you'll end up with the preferred results. Life is rarely like that though so working it in the other direction can really tax your knowledge and ability to use what you know to find real solutions.

    I hope you do well with this.