Monday, July 5, 2010

Life's like a Beach!

The fireworks light up the night.

A wave approaching from the beach
Today, the Brownies decided to take a day to go to the beach. The beach we went to was Scarborough beach on the coast of Rhode Island, and it really was a treat. We also went to see the fireworks only a few blocks away from the dorms, yet the sights were very beautiful.

We left for the beach at around two o'clock and I was amazed how easy it is to get there. We first had to walk to the Kennedy Plaza station at Downtown. There were buses going everywhere, but only one took us to the beach. I was greatly impressed how direct the buses took us there. Unlike in California with the transfer points and such, it was a bus that would take us directly to the beach.

Once we arrived, I could see the ocean and the crisp salt water smell. It was a smell that reminded me of home when my father and I would go fishing in the bay. Once the flashback was over, it was back to the beach where we found a spot and all of us took off to the water. I was hesitant to go in, but Megan went straight in. After a few minutes I was convinced and I followed suit. For some reason, the others did not have the same desire.

After the fun in the sun, it was time to head back to Providence. But I continued on with my bewilderment as I found out there was a bus going to Thayer Street, a street relatively close to the dorms.

After dinner and a shower, it was time to go to the fireworks, and this was nothing like it was at home. It was full of life and they just kept coming at us! It was filled with all sorts of lights from explosions to flash bangs. If there was any one thing I could remember, it would have to be the finale. That was really the icing on the cake to an otherwise excellent day.


  1. Andrew,

    Nice video--reminds me of Richmond on any given Saturday night.

    You would think that as close as we live to the Bay and the ocean that access to it would be easier. What you described made me envious.

  2. Great video! Those fireworks were really bright! It sounds like going to the beach was an awesome idea. I hope we go there when I'm at Brown...

  3. @Don Sorry Don, but it did seem a lot easier to get to the Beach than back in California. I think that the bus system here is a lot more efficient than the one in California. Plus, because they go all over the place, everyone uses it.

    @Irene I am sure your going to go to the beach at least one time. It is a lot of fun, but bring a beach towel and just go into the water and have fun!