Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodbye Brown

Today marks the end of our three week term here at Brown University. Its hard to believe that after three weeks of being in a whole new environment, it is all over. I am going to miss the class and being in an environment where asking questions is praised. I am also going to miss having someone you know surrounding you at all times.

Brown University has been an experience I will never forget. It was filled with all sorts of new things for me and I had the chance to make the most of it all. This is not a complete ending post as the program is not over, but it is a close second.

Some of the highlights would have to be my second presentation to the class. This is when I felt like I had done some of my best work. I had a sense of pride to know that a college professor had praised my work, a high school student who had not attended one economics class prior to this event.

Another would have to be the first time I had any interaction with people outside the Ivy League Connection. That would have to be one of the first "connections" I made during this trip. After that, it started a domino effect leading to a mass of great friends and continually making new friends and bigger relationships.

The moment I left the dorm was like finishing that chapter I was talking about. I was leaving a piece of my life which has been interpreted through that dorm. The slam of the dorm door was just sending shivers down my spine. I know this sounds like a little kid, but walking past the empty dorms just gave a world of flash backs. Imagining the residences living as if its week 2; that just brought a tear to my eye.

There is a lot to Brown to make it lead to this emotional exit. The great classes, the great people, the excellent staff, its all a melting pot of great memories. I guess this would be a good time to exercise the Internet. But back to the subject, that melting pot has created more than just a three week life as a college student, but to gain knowledge in the field of economics and to value the chance of meeting new people that would grow to be lifetime friends.

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  1. Andrew,

    When we read the blogs--especially those written near the end of the program--we can read about what a total waste of time the experience has been on the student or we can read ones like yours and Stephanie's where it sounds as if we've made a difference--a positive difference.

    It's good to know that you benefitted from all of this and all indications are that you'll take your newfound skills and become that better person that's been hiding within you.