Thursday, July 8, 2010

Final Night with College Bonus!

All the Brochures and things given to us at the college fair

The College fair was located at the main gym across campus. There were over one-hundred booths, all trying to get our attention.

Today was both a happy and sad day along with a bonus of a college fair. It was the last chance to do all those things that we would say "we'll do it tomorrow" and do it today. I think the biggest lesson is making sure to do finish through. That is what my football coach from two years ago would tell us. Finish all the way through and strong. I think that is what I did today.

First thing in the morning is to do a goal I have always wanted to do, be the first person in the room. Although I did not do that goal, it was nice to get a seat and be settled before the teacher. In class, it went as usual. There were presentations by others, including a car stock from the French Automaker, Renault.

After class, Stephanie and I made plans with our classmates to go out with some friends. I had the chance to learn more about each one of them far more than I ever could have during class. One thing that struck me as interesting was that there was even though their appearance led me to assume their country of origin, yet they are from a country totally out of the blue.

Following the dinner came the college fair, which was in the gym with over one hundred and fifty colleges including Yale, Columbia, and Georgetown University. This was very successful because I saw schools that I didn't know existed, all of which meet my own personal criteria.

This day will be the last night to stay in the dorms here at Brown University. Packing our suitcases one more time and saying our goodbyes to the inanimate objects made me realize how much I've grown to love it. From the well aged walls and furniture, to the dark colored linoleum, it is something only a parent could love. Even though the room itself was something else, it will still be missed. This day will mark the last night and the pages of this chapter begin to thin, yet the book will still go on.

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  1. Andrew,

    I think you may miss Brown the most. You seem to have absorbed so much during your stay.

    Miss it as you may, I'm also betting you'll reintegrate yourself back into your old life in Hercules without any difficulties.