Friday, July 9, 2010

Farewell to Brown

After hours of packing and doing homework, I finally got a chance to relax and write about my second to the last day at Brown.

In class, I was wrapping up my independent project. I took out the ligated plasmid and tried to grow an overnight culture in antibiotic plates to see if my recombinant plasmid worked. It was surprisingly easy after I did all the brain work, and now I just had to wait. In the afternoon, we actually did not have a lecture/discussion session, probably because Ms. Hall wanted to give us time to study for the final and conclude the final project.

After class, I started on my homework with my classmates in the library. Instead of worrying about packing and the final exam, I felt very strong sentiments. I thought I would say "phew" and relax for the end and my successful survival of my class and my challenging dorm life, but I didn't. I am reluctant about leaving my dorm, dining hall, lab, classroom, Thayer Street, and most importantly - my friends at Brown. I don't want to leave them! After 3 weeks of working and living together, our class has become a family, and everyone is related to me.

Hopefully I can get to say goodbye to everyone and have a happy ending at Brown.

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  1. Zijun,

    It's good that you're having these feelings of remorse when you're finishing a project and about to leave.

    The alternative would be that you're salivating at the chance to finally get away; to be somewhere--anywhere--else. That would suggest that your time at Brown was a miserable experience and that would be a disaster for all of us.

    In spite of the heat, the humidity and the subpar food, you met people you truly enjoyed spending time with and you were in a class that you enjoyed learning in.

    Sounds like your brief visit to Brown was a good thing. And we're glad that we had a hand in making it happen.