Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Day of Enlightment

Today, our second day in Boston, we were able to visit Connecticut College. However, this took longer than any of us had expected. After catching the Amtrak at South Station to New London, Connecticut, we were able to admire the landscape of our surroundings. I loved seeing all those trees and being able to observe the sea. There were many boats in the sea as we passed by and who would not want to be on their boat on such a sunny and warm day? The trip itself was a bit long, but did not feel that way because of all that we could witness just by looking out the windows of the Amtrak.
The main impediment that we came upon as we got to New London, Connecticut Amtrak station was the lack of taxi cabs. In the end, after much debate, we ended up walking all the way from the Amtrak station to Connecticut college. We were so exhausted when we arrived, but not at one point through our trip did we simply give up. Most importantly, we left no one behind and continued as a group through the unknown streets of New London. Some of my fellow group members did a great job in helping us find our way, from asking locals to calling taxi companies. The humidity did not help us, but we kept walking. Overall, though it took more time to actually get there and even though we were not able to participate in the campus tour, we did learn a great deal about the college from Krytal A. Livingston, the Associate Director of Admission, at Connecticut College, who gave a great Group Information Session.

I learned that surprisingly Connecticut College is 60% women and 40% men. The college also offers a wide variety of classes and plenty of internship opportunities. In addition, students are not limited to only their field and are given a choice on how to complete the requirements for their major. Students at this college also have the choice of earning an interdisciplinary certificate. This is only a bit of the information Ms. Livingston gave for those participating in the informational session.

After when it was almost time to leave we briefly met with Shalini Uppu, the Admissions Officer for our area in California. She was very nice, helpful, and in the end gave us each her card so that in case we had any questions or concerns about Connecticut College we could communicate with her.

On our way back, along with Lydia and Irene I had a lot of fun. We talked about our schools, what extracurriculars we are a part of, and much more. It was a very lively conversation. The most interesting part was when we started this game where one of us began a story, the next would add to it, and the other would contribute as well. It was very interesting to see how our story transitioned and every person added their own unique imaginative thoughts to it and how in the end it just flowed even though we did have a bit of different styles. At points we contributed things the others were also thinking about adding during their turn. The story moved on and on until it reached its happy ending.

When we finally got back to our hotel, after getting Subway to eat, riding the Amtrak, and riding a taxi we were able to relax. We stayed put in our hotel rooms for around an hour and a half before going out to sight see and explore Boston more in depth. We went to the area around Faneuil Hall, we ate yummy food and saw the sights. The area was vivacious due to all that was going on. There were people performing music, some people were eating, others shopping, and many simply walked around. It was a lot of fun and we took lots of pictures. I absolutely love this part of the trip. All the buildings are so grand and there is so much to see, but soon we will have to get well on our way to Providence, Rhode Island to begin our summer class on Women and Leadership.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting Wellesley College, Boston College, and we will be having dinner at L'Espalier Restaurant with Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg.

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  1. Selene,

    I am concerned about your eating habits while away from home. Yesterday it was pizza and today it's Subway sandwiches. Whatever happened to sit down dinners where someone takes your order and you wipe your face with a cloth napkin?

    At least your dinner at L'Espalier should be a step above.