Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Goodbyes

The 19th annual Summer@Brown college fair was held this afternoon at the Olney-Margolies Athletic Center (OMAC). Doors opened at 6 PM for students with ID and 7 PM for the general audience. 150 colleges, conservatories and universities surrounded the center with pamphlets, brochures, cards, and information slips for interested students of all grade levels. Boston University, Roger Williams, Bowdoin, University of New England, Academy of Art, Sea Education Association, and Harvey Mudd make up just a few of the many different institutions. Andrew and I passed by every vendor available, but stopped to talk to a majority, and picked up information from a majority as well.

The college that sparked interest to me the most was Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI -- not far from Providence. Seeing "The School Of Engineering, Computing & Construction Management" on their cardboard display made me stop to have a chat with Don Mays, Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment. He gave me a brief overview on how, in construction management, students get to view the blueprint of new construction and manage the erection of a brand-new building. 

On the other end of the table, Andrew was speaking with Jessica Winthrop-Oney who is the Assistant Director of Admissions and works with the California region. Although I didn't speak with her, Don still mentioned my name to her and told her I was from California. I have always been interested in Business Management and Economics, but to top that off, we are working with architecture. Double bonus. I can't say that I am going to declare Architecture or Business as my official major yet I know what I am interested in at this point. Looking into various colleges, many only offer either or. The combination that RWU offers is truly the best of both worlds! I will definitely look into this program and the school itself. Coming to one of the largest college fairs definitely expands my college exploration list.

Tomorrow will the last day here at Brown University. The last day to see our friends that have come from all over the world, the last day to listen to our professor speak, the last day to eat at the unlimited dining hall, and the last day to call Brown "home". While it is the end of a life-changing experience, we all know that coming here will only make our real college-life a bigger and grander experience.

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  1. Stephanie.

    Construction Management is a growing field and there's always a need for good young prospects to groom for the future. Architecture and construction management aren't really related. I'm curious, though, how business management ties in with Architecture.

    When you start attending some of the college fairs that will be coming to the Bay Area you'll have to relay back to us your thoughts about how they compare with what you saw here.

    From what we've been told before, a lot of these fairs are somewhat regional. Many of the local schools feel that they'll get most of their applications from the surrounding areas so that's where they focus their recruiting attention. In these tough economic times many of these schools can't afford to branch out to areas too far away from their home base.