Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Pleasant Stroll

I first woke up to someone knocking on the door. Sleepily I figured it must be Ms.Stewart so it was around 5:30 AM. Lying in bed, I heard Irene sigh and shuffle out of bed. I was glad that I was farther from the door than my roommate so that I did not have to get out of bed to answer the door.
I woke up again a little before six (I always set my clocks a couple of minutes ahead to limit the possibility of being late). Then I put on my outfit for the day that was laid out yesterday night, put the few last items in my brown day pack as was instructed by a note I wrote before I went to bed, brushed my hair, and put on sunscreen. I was ready around 6:45ish. Irene wanted to go to a convenience store to get materials for her contacts and could not go by herself. I thought that we could go when we come back from Connecticut College but if she did not get those supplies soon her contacts would dry out and she would only have one pair left - which she was wearing. Therefore, we went.

We walked briskly to the convenience store that was all but convenient to reach. About three minutes before 7 AM I suggested that we should turn around and head back to the hotel at 7 AM. One minute later Irene sighted the store. I thought about splitting the list she held in her hand. “Just ask the workers here to tell you where everything is so we don’t waste time looking for stuff,” I said as we walked in the store. Irene went to find the stuff. Time went by. I looked at the lotion waiting for Irene before I made my final decision. It was past seven o’clock, but Irene needed me to get some Ziploc bags while she grabbed the lens case.

I picked some lotion and asked a worker there if they had Ziploc plastic bags. He informed me that they did not have black ones but white ones on aisle four. I said thank you and hastily walked to aisle four, grabbed a box, and found Irene. We bought the items on Irene’s debit card (I paid her later) to go faster. We also ran from the store until one block away from the hotel to go faster.

We were supposed to be at the lobby at 7:15; we were there 7:13. Irene ran the stuff upstairs.

As we were getting in the taxis to go to the Amtrak station, Irene asked about breakfast and I voiced the question to Ms. Stewart. We missed breakfast. I was pretty bummed and I tried to reason it out happily. I had a big dinner-and would not be eating until we got back around 3 o’clock in the afternoon after a bus
y day. I was hungry.

At the huge train station Irene bought me a small orange juice and let me have a little of her Chocolate chip and cinnamon scone. I was still hungry.

At the train station, I thought how much my younger bother would love the place. I tried to sleep a little but woke up at every stop!

On the way to Connecticut College, I got to see more of New England. I was impressed and happy to see all the American flags that waved form houses and businesses proudly. Such patriotism is not outwardly shown this way in the Bay Area. I even saw a huge yellow ribbon with the words “Support our troops” painted on the side of a building.

For dinner I had clam chowder in a bread bowl (I like the one at home better). I bought myself some much-needed fruit. Where is a Safeway when you need one? We went to Faneuil Hall where the shop and restaurant owners are very aggressive to sell their goods. I found that fun and cool.

I am looking forward to more walking; but for now, I am looking forward to lieing down and sleep.

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  1. Lydia,

    Very nice blog. I enjoyed reading of your travails. I even found myself anxiously hoping that you'd make it to the store on time and make it back to the hotel before Ms. Stewart and the gang got there and were waiting o you.

    The strange thing is that I already read Irene's blog so I knew how this was going to end yet I was still mesmerized with the telling of the story.

    You probably couldn't hear it but when I read about the Ziploc bags I slapped myself on the back of my head. I had emailed you all and told you I would have Ziploc bags with me before your departure. I had a full box of quart and another full box of gallon sized freezer bags had you just asked.

    You and I are a little alike. I'm not the least bit bashful about getting the entire staff in a store to point me in the right direction and help me to get my stuff and be gone. I let them know I'm there with cash to spend and I'm not just there browsing. You might be surprised at how amenable they can be when you ask. Of course, I ask politely and I gush with my thanks.

    By the way, nice photos.