Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating Independence Day in Rhode Island

Happy 4th of July everyone! It is the 4th Independence Day I celebrated in America but the first time spending the day outside of California.

Because we have no class tomorrow, today should be a non-stressing, enjoyable day. After a short group discussion of where and how to spend the day, we decided to go to a beach since the warm and sunny weather would totally fit with the beach plan. Our small ILC Brownies group met up around noon and had lunch at the dining hall together along with two other friends. Soon after the meal we departed for Scarborough State Beach, which is a little bit more than an hour away. We were all excited because this Scarborough Beach is the nicest beach around here, according to a residential advisor.

We had 2 to 3 hours of fun time of playing with the tides at the beach. It was gorgeous and attracted lots of visitors like us.

It was almost 7 o'clock when we came back. We rushed to the dining hall and dined. Then we heard about the fireworks display which was going to be held at the Indian Point Park for the celebration of 4th of July. Of course we had to join the crowds and absorb as much local culture as possible!

The fireworks show was beautiful and totally amazed me. I suddenly felt how lucky I am to be born in this era and thankful for our ancestors who migrated and worked hard to build and make this country to prosper and succeed and provide such a fine living environment for us. This July 4th marked the 235th anniversary of American independence. Happy Independence Day again.

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  1. Zijun,

    The more you blog the more I enjoy reading them. Truly. You helped put things into perspective and helped me to appreciate this holiday a little more.

    And you added great photos, too!