Sunday, July 4, 2010

RI celebrates the 4th of July

At 8:45 PM, about 50+ students and a handful of RAs met in front of Arnold Lounge to take a stroll down to India Point Park for some fireworks. The road we walked on wasn't familiar at all so it was a good decision that we followed the crowd. We walked for about 30 minutes before we reached our destination! (Right: Firework awes audience.) A live orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra Pops Program, centered in the middle was heard performing as we slowly inched our way into the grass area on the bottom of the hill. Hundreds of excited children and adults were ready to see the fireworks shoot up in the sky. The food vendors and glowsticks added to the celebration of this year's Independence Day. To me, the smoke coming from the BBQ booth caused a foggy yet spirited atmosphere for some reason. Somehow I seemed to enjoy it but certainly did not stay there for too

long. We joined the rest of what seems to be the entire Rhode Island to watch the beautiful and fantastic fireworks show with patriotic songs in the background. It was certainly the most patriotic fireworks show I have ever watched in my 17 years! The amount of money and effort they put into the fireworks certainly paid off with smiling faces on just about everyone's face. I would choose to enjoy my night watching fireworks at India Pt. Park than at the Waterfront back home. I hope everyone back home enjoyed their night just as much as I did. (Left: Look closely- yes! those little dots are actual people.)

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  1. Stephanie,

    Is this some sort of conspiracy? All of you Brownies are telling me that Rhode Island is the most patriotic place in the country and even Parade Magazine this morning said the same thing.

    Done right, there aren't many events as inspiring as a Fourth of July celebration.