Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wonderful Place Enriched with Knowledge and History!

Today we were able to wake up a little later than we have the past few days. We all met down in the lobby at 8:30 AM. We were able to sleep in a while longer because we were just visiting one college which was Harvard University.

The campus was extremely pretty. It was very colonial looking. The buildings showed that the college is really enriched with history. There were a lot of trees, which I really liked. At first we had a bit of trouble trying to locate the Admissions Office, but thankfully Ms. Stewart got a map and we were able to arrive to the information session on time.

The information session started off with a short video. Some of the extracurricular activities were shown in the video. I found out that Harvard actually has a mariachi band. I thought that was a fun fact to know because it shows my culture being represented in such a prestigious school. The video also contained information about the professors and the college life through students personal expierences. I thought the video was really attention grabbing.

After the video was done, two Harvard students and an admissions officer talked about the college. The graduate rate is 97%, which I find to be amazing. There are over 41 areas of concentration (majors) and any class not offered at Harvard can be taken at MIT. The classes are on average composed of 17 students. They also have a good Economics program. I felt that the college was overall really good. I will look more into it to get more information.

Moreover, after we had finished touring the campus we went to go eat at Au Bon Pain with Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, and the Brown Session I students. Since we still had to return to the hotel to get our luggage, we ended up leaving earlier. The check out time was 1:30 PM, so we had to arrive at the hotel by that time. Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey came to the hotel to get some of our luggage in their car and we left on the train to Providence.

After we arrived at the hotel in Providence, we got a few hours to relax before our dinner at Mills Tavern. We left from the hotel in Ms. Kronenberg's car to go to the dinner. The dinner once again was amazing, delicious, and really fun. I got to hear all the stories that the Brown Session I students told us about their experience in the college. I also got to talk to Ms. Kronenberg about ways to get teachers aware of the Ivy League program and how to get students more involved in the classroom to try to get recommended into the program.

Overall, it was another great day. Tomorrow we check into Brown University! I'm so excited.

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  1. Lucero,

    Well, it certainly sounds as though you were paying attention while at Harvard. Glad you enjoyed the visit and learned something about Harvard.

    And I heard you had such wonderful weather while there and on the way back--blistering heat and flash floods!

    At least you finished off the evening in style with a fine meal and enjoyable company.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, too.