Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Finale

I write this blog with a heavy heart, as today was our last day in Brown University. It was difficult for me to believe that three weeks had gone by already, but there in front of me were all of my bags, packed up and ready to roll out. I knew from the start that my time here at Brown would pass by quickly, but I never knew that it would or could fly by this fast.

I woke up this morning at 8:00, and began to pack away my bedsheets and blankets. It felt strange, because it didn’t feel like it was our last day. I met at breakfast with the others by 8:30, and I wanted to make my last breakfast special, but instead I just had some cereal. I had my glass of grapefruit juice, my favorite drink at Brown.

We went to class, where we prepared laboratory benches for the next group. It was good to know that the tools that had served me so faithfully over the last three weeks would now serve another student. We also viewed our final project results. Unfortunately, my project failed, and I ended up with no results. After that, we took our final exam, which was far easier than I imagined. The exam was composed of questions about experimental techniques and theory. After the exam, we had some free time to hang out in the lab with our teacher and TA.

--Resetting our Lab Benches--

--My Failed Lab--
We then went and ate lunch, and then headed back to our dorms to finish packing. I also had to return my fan, which I could never have lived without. When I finished, I went to the Arnold Lounge to relax in the air conditioning.

It was quite a depressing sight in Arnold because many of my friends were crying and sad that our Brown experience was finally over. I watched many of my friends depart from Brown, and with each one I felt a little more lonely. But I knew that this feeling was only temporary, and I knew that shortly I would bask in the wealth of these new friendships as we will continue to become better friends, through social networking and through the memories and bonds that we made.

At the end, Ms. Bull’s came to pick us up, and we went back to our Hilton to spend our last two nights there.

I had a splendid time here at Brown, and I’ve made memories that I shall never forget. I’ve learned so much not only about biotechnology but also about myself, and about college. Being here at Brown has been one of my greatest achievements in my life, and I’m proud to be a part of the ILC program to be here. Like the fireworks, after the grand finale there is always a moment of melancholy, but the joy of watching such a spectacle overcomes the sadness. After my program at Brown, it is inevitable to mournful, but the happiness from all of the memories overwhelms all.

~~Final Farewells to Friends~~

--Roommate Shane, Austin--

--Will, Bryce, Austin--

--Austin, Brandon--


  1. Austin,

    Three weeks in Rhode Island and it's on the last day that you finally share with us photos of your roomie, your pals and your lab? Didn't I teach you any better than that?

    Farewells can be so sad and depressing but it's up to you, Austin, whether you make this a final farewell. Friendships rarely ever just happen--they require work on the parts of both sides. Emails, texts, twitters, phone calls--more photos--these are all at your disposal to either maintain those friendships or let them die and wither away.

    So what are you going to do, Austin?

  2. Wow, the most beautiful writing I read on these blog.