Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is International and Financial Investment Marketing?

I think after spending almost three weeks in this class, it is safe to say it is time for a class review. The first day of class, I can honestly say, I thought I was lost. It is located on the Baraus and Holley building, which is a physics building. After finding the class, Stephanie and myself sat at our seats and braced for the teacher, Dr. Li, who has his PhD in economics. He was not to bad for first impressions, he greeted us in a kind manner and told us about the course.

Dr. Li has his ways of teaching that are different from others. Some teachers rely heavily on a textbook to do the teaching for them, but Dr. Li is very different. He uses the book as a supplement to how he teaches. What I mean is that he teaches us by lecture to brace us for the textbook. He also understands that the book is extremely dense and it needs some clearing up. The way he clears it up is by providing examples and lectures all from memory. He does throw in a couple of jokes to keep some of the people interested.

While the bio kids have labs, we have presentations. This is much like a lab because it acts as a way to apply the things we learn into real life. As you would remember, the first project we did was to analyze a regions economic status. That was when the light shined as to what he was looking for out of us. He was looking to see, not only the status within the region, but also its effect and impact on the status of the global recession. This was totally new for me because I used to think that facts only came from the textbooks that are parallel to the course, but in this class, those facts can come from anywhere, as long as they are true. That is where the research comes in. Dr. Li doesn't tell you what type of stocks or funds to look for, he only says get a stock from your area and just analyze. I am sure this type of independence on the subject is what a college level course is all about. I think one of the best parts about the presentation is that there is no time limit. The presentation from Friday actually took the entire class session. This is great because there is no pressure to finish as quickly as possible and I am able to relax and speak easy and smooth. Time used to be one of my biggest enemies, but in this class, time is the last thing in my mind.

The course itself has so much content in it. Not only is there the presentations, but the rigorous vocabulary that presents itself everyday is difficult. This did allow me to try many different note taking techniques, like using my laptop to take notes, highlight like a madman, and fill up 18 pages of notes in the first three days. I can comfortably say I could go through yahoo finance, read the business section and even keep my promise in helping my community by helping clubs fund through stocks and bonds. One of the most valuable things I learned is about portfolios. This is where I could proportion out money to go to the strongest stock. This is where very difficult decisions are to be made and thats exactly what I want to bring to the table.

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