Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Final Project

Today I started my final independent project for my Techniques in DNA-based Biotechnology class. It took me a long time just to encourage myself to challenge this independent project because it seemed pretty difficult.

The purpose of our project was to knock out a part of a plasmid by inserting something new. There were several methods to eliminate the expression of that part of the plasmid. We could either silence the gene expression or that part or physically replace the target piece with another physically matching plasmid piece.

I chose the second method. I decided to cut both plasmids using same restriction enzymes and make a recombinant DNA. Today I just finished cutting them and now I am waiting for them to ligate.

I am on the right track so far and I hope I can get some good results.

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  1. Zijun,

    I don't have a clue what you wrote. I could read it just fine but it was like it was in a different language.

    Nonetheless, I have complete faith in you. I'm sure you knew what you were writing because you know this stuff. Some of us will just be stuck back in a time before they knew what DNA was all about. Move over, Mr. Ramsey, and make room for me.