Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the Road to New Hampshire!

Trees trees and more trees, its amazing that we didn't get lost

This bird was on the side of the river green. Just kidding, its a statue put there to commemorate the many fallen and the flight to freedom.

A terrific view of the White River

Ms. Bulls requires absolute concentration in order to take us there safely.
This is one of the older trains I have ever seen. Just looking at it makes it hard to believe it was steaming on the railways at speeds excess to fifty miles per hour.

A few of the Dorms at Dartmouth College, neat and proportioned

This is part of an educational building. An educational building!

These are some of the dorms that are further away, along with the medical facility

Inside Baker Library

The outside of baker library

Outside of the 24 hour study room

Webster library on English literature

A prominent view of the baker library
Today, the seven of us took a long drive up to New Hampshire to visit Dartmouth College. I will remember this as the day that I was in for a big surprise. The college just had that vibe like it was made for me. It was relatively tight knit and everything I could want was close by. 

The campus itself was just astounding. From the moment we parked, we saw the very large open green and buildings that look like the brick was installed last night. Also, there were not too many trees on the campus itself, which is not a bad thing in my book.

Besides the outside views, the inside looked spectacular. We had the chance to visit the library and it was really nice. You walk in the door and it is bright from both natural light and ceiling lights. The walls are filled with modern art pieces and throughout the length of the main hall are computers, both PC's and Mac's.

Another key issue is the housing. This is really important in that they have a Greek system, and I have to say, I really like that system. It allows you to have instant friends, and then from there you can branch out. What I like the most about the system is that you do not have to pledge to a group until end of sophomore year.

I know it may seem like I skipped education, I didn't. One of Dartmouth's best features is its D Plan. What this is, is that you have to be in school for a minimum of 11 out of fourteen terms and within that period you would experience all the different possibilities. 

Another thing is the many libraries on campus. They have several specialized libraries and the best part is most of them are open to undergraduate students. I also like how all the professors teach to undergraduates. It is also great how they want to be there as opposed to just being there.

I know some of you are expecting me to build up to say "This is a school I really want to apply to" but I can't. I can definitely see myself being a student at Dartmouth college, but one of my "make it or break it" factors is, is that it has to have a Pre-law program and unfortunately it does not have one. I guess you can say, it is the right college environment, but it hit that make it or break it factor I hold dearly.

Aside from Dartmouth, we also went a little sightseeing. We had the chance to enjoy the Connecticut River and the White River. We also visited a train station and get to know the van even more. It was a fun day with many things to do, but a bit of disappointment with Dartmouth, but at least showed me what I am really looking forward to at other colleges.

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  1. Andrew,

    There seems to be a mistake impression that there has to be a specific pre-law program at a school in order to get into law school. I'm not even sure what a pre-law program looks like but there are a great many lawyers who graduated from Dartmouth--including Ms. Kronenberg's husband and an old high school friend of mine.

    I suggest you speak with a handful of lawyers and learn what it is that you ought to take prior to applying to law schools and I think you'll find that with the exception of trade schools, most schools will prepare you well.