Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tiny People

As the airplane started to descend, I looked frantically for a tiny person down below out my plastic and oily fingerprinted window. In all my airplane trips that I can remember, I have never seen a person walking. Today I saw one riding a bike along the road; later a person walking on a beach. Mission accomplished.

Traveling from the airport to the hotel was not at all hard. The train system is very like that of Japan’s and as I heard the announcements on the subway, I tried to imagine them in Japanese.

I was worried as to where I was going to stay. However, the hotel, Boston Parkway Plaza, is very nice. Right when I walked in the long lobby I heard piano music playing softly under the numerous chatter. Then I saw that it was a live performance. I listened to the music, first guessing what period of music it was from and then picturing how it was played in my mind (most likely incorrectly). Later a few of my fellow Brownies pointed out that someone was playing the piano. I nodded my head.

Although I know we have not gone far from the airport--I do not see the rudeness that was expected of the east coast. What was unexpected was that I hardly heard anyone speak in English as we walked down the streets looking for a place to eat dinner. I decided that such a range of languages must be because of the Universities and/or that Boston is just a hub for tourism.

I am looking forward to tourism and to looking at colleges.


  1. Hey Lydia! We found your piano at Brown. It's located at the music center, but I heard that you need a special pass to get in. Talk to your RA or someone who has access to the room.

  2. Lydia,

    Isn't it grand to know that your fellow Brownies have your back? I'm glad that they've located a piano for you and I'm confident that you'll get the access you need.

    I knew that Bostonians spoke with a distinct dialect but to describe them as not speaking English was not expected. :-)

    ANd lest you continue to worry, when you're with the ILC you won't be frequenting and sleaze joints. The restaurants and hotels will be places you can write positive things about and won't be the sources of future nightmares.