Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fiat Group Presentation

My presentation on Fiat Group and Unicredit was a success. Professor Li started today's 9 AM class with a review on the past chapters and lectured on several new concepts. Because I have already read the chapters and still reading to the near end of the textbook, I didn't give him my full attention today. Instead, I was busy as a bee going over my part of the presentation. I was re-reading what I was going to say, finding the latest headlines to present, and editing information here and there up to the minute we were asked to present. Butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach in the beginning but shortly after going thoroughly over my presentation, I felt eased.

After our daily breaks, our team of 6 went up to the front of the class to exhibit our Western Europe equity portfolio. I was up first which made me just a tad bit more nervous. I wanted to start our group off on a good note and leave an outstanding first impression. Not only did I want to perform my best and project my voice across the room, but also wanted to interest the audience. Lectures in the morning are already dreadful for some so I wanted to liven up the group, especially because I was covering an automobile company. Our class consists of three girls and the rest are boys. I'm sure the men find automobiles more interesting than banks.

I got to take a big breath after the first part of my presentation. When I was finished with the first part, Professor Li immediately asked me to go back to my "external environment" slide. I was nervous all over again. "This is a very good presentation Stephanie. Well done. I just wanted to show others what you did". Immediately, I felt a rush of relief and joy knowing that my hard work and efforts paid off. Professor Li isn't the type to compliment your work even when it is half wrong. He rarely says it which made me even more proud of my work. Meeting with the TA Josie was also a great confidence booster. I hope to continue getting positive remarks from Professor Li again.

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  1. Stephanie,

    Congrats on your presentation! A little bit of positive reinforcement goes a long ways, doesn't it?

    Just curious, how large is your class? I find it strange that the male/female ratio is so lopsided. I know they don't factor that in when accepting applications to the class but it's still strange that so few females either applied or were admitted.