Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Perspective and a Delicious Dinner

Today we visited Wellesley and it was such a beautiful campus. The trees surrounding it are like a forest and the lake is gorgeous. Before we took the campus tour we were able to participate in a group informational session. The person who actually administered this informational session was actually really nice. Her name is Monica and she actually had helped us reach the admissions office. We learned a great deal about the great attributes of Wellesley including the majors, internships, campus life, study abroad and research oppurtunities among others. Wellesley, though a women only college, offers the same great features of any well qualified college. It was great to take the tour, we got to see more of what is Wellesley on the inside. The tour guide took us to the library, student center, media center, and much more. In addition to this she also answered any questions that were asked. Additionally, we got the chance to go into one of the student dorms. The dorm, though spacious and hospitable was extremely hot even though there were two fans on. This made me think about what the Session One Brownies said about the heat in the dorms and the extreme necessity of having a fan.

After the tour we left to catch the T (subway) on our way to Boston College for another informational session and tour. However, before we got on the T we grabbed a bite to eat at a local bagel shop near Wellesley. Before we boarded the T, Ms. Stewart and I met a Wellseley student, a rising junior for this upcoming year. Her name is Kat and she gladly disclosed to us what Wellesley really is like and how great her experience has been. She mentioned her big sister, which is a term used at Wellesley used to describe an older student who takes a freshmen under their wing to help them through their college experience. Students are matched for this through a survey that students take. Kat also mentioned the close knit community that Wellseley is for all students and how open everyone is. Our conversation which Lucero, Guadalupe, and the others later joined lasted until we got to our destination: South Station. There we purchased tickets and got on the T heading towards Boston College (BC).

It was a nice ride over and we had a little time to rest before we got there. When we did arrive at BC, after searching and asking for directions to the admissions office, we were able to participate in the informational session they offered, which featured five students that attend BC. There we met Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg.

I learned what BC offers and during the tour we got to see how huge the campus is and what some of the buildings are used for. The campus' building looked gothic and antique. Contrary to this on the inside the buildings are quiet modern. At one point the tour guide took us to see a physics laboratory, the library, and a room which mysteriously has many qualities resembling the Wizard of Oz. From the tin man's hat to the red brick road, as in the book, the room really did seem to have been inspired by the story. In addition, to this we got to see a picture taken from the air of what the campus at one point had looked like. It was impressive to see all the renovations and additions that have been made to the college. BC seems to be a pretty good school, I will try to do some research on it as well on Wellseley and the other colleges we have visited.

Later on we left and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner that was scheduled with Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg. Once we arrived at L'Espalier Restaurant we sat down and had a scrumptuous dinner. From the main meal to the dessert it was absolutely delicious. The whole time I had fun dialoguing with Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Stewart, and everyone else. At the end of the night we walked back to the hotel.

I am thrilled that tomorrow we will be going to Harvard for a group informational session and campus tour, after which we will be heading to Providence, Rhode Island! I am so thrilled!

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  1. Selene,

    I hope you do take the time to go onto the different sites set up for each of these schools you're visiting. This may give you a great opportunity to compare the "sales brochure" with what you saw in person.

    Make no mistake about it, Selene, these admissions officers are also salesmen. They're selling you a product and it's their school.

    Just like when you're in a department store you pick a product off of the shelf, you read the label and based largely by what you saw on that label you decide to make a purchase or put it back on the shelf. How many times, though, do you get home and find that the product inside isn't really what you envisioned when you read the label?

    The same goes for a lot of these schools. You need to do just as you're doing right now and paying a visit to the schools for a first hand look at what's inside the package.

    Unfortunately, though, you're not really seeing the school the same way you'd see it when it's in full session.

    You need to se it when there are thousands of students filling the hallways and classrooms. You need to be there not during the beautiful summer days but also in the dead of winter when it's freezing cold or raining 96 days out of a hundred. You need to be there and see regular classes--especially the larger lectures--to see if you'll get the kind of education you really want.

    This all takes work, Selene. As many of the Brown-I students are writing in their farewell blogs, because of what they've seen and done these past three weeks, they have a much better feel for what to look for and even what questions to ask.

    I'm betting that by the time you head for the airport to come home, you'll all be in the same position as the others and be wiser about the whole college selection process.