Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6 Update + Some More

Here is some more added things to the list of "What to do and what not to do"

1. Make sure you make a lot of connections in college. This will help you in the future where you need people to support you the most. Also, be sure to start early in college.
2. Stay cool, especially at Brown. It is important to always stay cool and out of the heat. The heat causes you to become frustrated, sweaty, and have nose bleeds.
3. Don't be afraid of the restrooms. They aren't as dirty as you think.
4. Converse with your teacher and make sure he/she knows you well. Having connections with teachers at a prestigious college will benefit you when you need recommendations.

Don't Do:
1. Overeat during the meals. The buffet style of eating may be inviting for eating a lot but be sure to eat healthy and less than full.
2. Don't oversleep because you have to get up and get ready really quickly when there's only 4 minutes to prepare. Wake up to your alarm on time.

My class in DNA-based biotechnology has been very interesting and informative. In fact, it has brightened the cloudy parts in my mind about college and what career to pursue. There are many discussions about diseases and how they are related to genes in class. The most interesting part about these discussions are the ways of curing or preventing these diseases. Turning off genes that promote diseases is the most prevalent way of curing diseases. You can use DNA methylation (physically clocking these genes using molecules), eliminating the receptors that allow disease to enter your body, etc. The one I found most interesting was that there is an HIV receptor in your body which invites HIV into your body. By blocking this receptor, you can possibly increase HIV prevention.

My class also reduced my previous thought stereotypes about college class and life. I thought that college classes were long, hard, and difficult. In fact, I enjoy my class because the labs are fun and I feel like I discover new things every day. The lectures are fun because Ms. Hall makes many funny remarks about genes and keeps us on our feet. She does a PowerPoint presentation, which I found very productive. I like lectures but I need something to read off so I can fully understand the topic. I also like the fact that the class isn't very text-heavy meaning that I don't need to rely on my textbook all of the time. I could just use the Internet or read lecture notes online to catch up on the lesson.

It's sad that I only have 3 days left at Brown University. I will definitely miss the labs, the class, and the whole college campus, but as things will move on no matter what. Until next time.

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  1. William,

    More good tips. Thanks for sharing with us all.