Thursday, July 8, 2010

College Fair

Today we attended the biggest college fair on the East Coast, supposedly.  We walked to the OMAC, which is the school gym.  It has a track and every type of equipment you could imagine.  It was a work out just walking there for me.  

Well, once we got there we were given a Brown bag and a list of all the schools that were there.  

There were about 125 schools there from community colleges to schools like Yale and Stanford.  There were only a handful of colleges that were on the West Coast -- the main one being Stanford.  There were numerous colleges but only a few were in everyone's interests.  These included Columbia, Yale, and Dartmouth.  

I was fortunate enough to be able to actually go to all of them.  I personally didn't find many colleges that I would consider due to them being on the East Coast.  The only colleges that I would come to, if accepted, would be Brown, Dartmouth, and Columbia.  

Those who were more willing to go out of state for college found the college fair a great resource and were really happy that they had it.

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  1. Megan,

    One of the purposes of The Ivy League Connection is to provide our cohorts with options they might not otherwise have considered.

    In particular, we wanted to make sure that at least the 29 of you understood that there's more options than just the UC and Cal State systems.

    Of course, we always hope that when our students apply to this program that they come in with an open mind. I hope this is the case with you, Megan, but this isn't the first blog where you've indicated that if you have a choice, that you want to attend college locally so you can be close to home. A day trip to Cal, Stanford or Cal State East Bay could have accomplished that and you wouldn't have needed what the ILC offered you.

    We understand, as you've mentioned in this blog, that there's still a hope that you might consider a couple of schools outside of your comfort zone close to home. From the beginning you gushed over the prospect of attending Brown even though it's more than two hours away from home.

    I'm sure that in the end you'll find the perfect mix for you where you can get the education you want and still be home for supper each day.