Thursday, July 1, 2010

And Class Continues!

Today was the first day I finally had the chance to have a relaxed day. It was not hot and the class went by relatively smoothly. I had the chance to learn something new about myself and I am about to do a presentation on my group's marketing portfolio.

I decided today at class I would try taking notes from class by using my laptop. I see other students do this as well, so I gave it a try. I think I just found the perfect way for me to take notes! The laptop made it much easier for me to digest the things I write so that I could actually read instead of having to write in a notebook and decode it later. I still have to copy graphs and such on a notebook, but for the vocabulary, I could type for hours and not have to worry about hand issues. I also can sleep better knowing I am helping save a few trees by doing this. In all honesty, I would not have found this out back in high school because I never took my laptop to school. With that, I would take notes on a binder and never look at them again. This is far simpler and the process is a lot more faster.

After many hours of group collaboration, my group finally made a stable and safe portfolio. The theme we chose was to make a recession proof market and make the money grow as much as possible in the most constant way. We decided to invest most of our money in companies that are still growing that way our money can grow more, even though there is a lot of risk. That is what life really is, taking risks, and the only thing we can do is work hard and hope that those risks will fall through and we would be successful.


  1. Andrew,

    I've seen people in lectures typing their notes on their laptop and I've always wondered how successful they might be at this. I know that Yohanna Pepa when she attended the Yale Ivy Scholars Program last year did this and her lecture notes were outstanding. They were also lengthy, stretching into dozens of pages per lecture.

    What would worry me, though, is much the same as when I take notes longhand: when I try to read them later I can't read my own writing. I've seen the way most of you type (remember, I'm reading your blogs in their raw form) so I have to wonder if you can make out your "handwriting" when you try to read your types notes. :-)

    You have a good investment strategy, Andrew. Only invest in companies that are still growing. Typically the ones that have stopped growing now longer pay dividends and their stock prices stagnate or they whither and die. If I ever have you invest any of my money, please stay away from those companies that are on their way down to the tubes. If I want to loose money I can do that without paying you a commission to do it.

  2. Hey Andrew,

    It's great to hear from you! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun at Brown! I see a lot of similarities in our classes, with all the company finances and such, but Jacky may know more about that than I do, because she got stuck with the finance slides for her group's powerpoint presentation. (I got company history and mission!) Haha..

    Anyways, Cornell is great, but I do not think I would want to be a student here. The campus is way too big (our class is a twenty minute walk from our dorms and we have to make two trips everyday for office hours in the evening. Total we are walking a total of abour 1 hour and 20 minutes every day). And, one thing I do not find appealing about Cornell as well is their core curriculum. I think I am more interested in colleges with open curriculums. But, you're at Brown so you know a lot about that! But the hotel school is truly top notch; the building and faculty are amazing, and I'm really enjoying my time here.

    Anyway, I hope all of you are having fun in Providence! I can't wait to hear more about your trip when we all get back.