Friday, July 2, 2010

A Typical Friday and Weekend

Brown's campus map
It's the end of the week, students are happy to get out of class, and people are starting to relax. Then the perplexing question "What do we do during the weekends?" is being asked.

After class, there are tons of free time available to students. This opens the variety of leisure activities for college students. Some students may want to play some sports, some talk with each other, etc. I prefer to walk around the campus and tour the various streets where I can put on my adventure coat and walk out the door accompanied by my fellow pupils. It's like I discovered uncharted territory in a large, unfamiliar place.

There are also plenty of activities for a student to participate in. Tonight, there was a talent show where I witnessed many great performers show off. What surprised me the most was that there was so much talent in this summer program. Back home, my pupils didn't necessarily have any unique talents and/or didn't want to show them, but here, students are out-going, fun, and friendly.

Traveling to the Providence Place shopping mall has been one of the most unique moments in my life. Before going to Brown, I didn't go to a mall by myself or with my friends. Here, I can walk to the mall in 10 minutes with my friends and enjoy myself. Watching movies is especially soothing and stress-relieving after a long day of work.

Well, I have to get ready for Darthmouth tomorrow so I'll be preparing for that. Night.

One of the quads in Brown

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  1. William,

    Your blog begs the question about what to do with your time? Study, get ahead of the game, exercise, explore, shop, eat, entertain?

    This is all a part of the exercise in time management: learning to figure out what to do with your time to maximize what you can do in a limited amount of time.

    Of course, what you ideally want to do is be able to cram in as much as possible in what little time you have available.

    Sounds like you're getting the hang of it, though.